15 Best Chris Evans Movies of All Time

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15 Best Chris Evans Movies of All Time

More popularly known as Captain America, the Massachusetts born Chris Evans is a well-known Hollywood figure, especially revered by the Marvel comics’ fans. The blue eyed American actor, started his career in 2000, featuring in a TV series Opposite Sex. The 35 years old has since then been a part of many hit movies with his roles of Captain America and Human Torch in Fantastic Four being the most famous. Without further ado, we take a look at the 15 best Chris Evans movies of all time:


15. The Perfect Score (2004)

The Perfect Score 2004 Movie

Image Source:imdb.com

Well, who wouldn’t want a perfect score in their SAT? That is exactly what six school students also aspire and their aim leads them to plan a break in on the Princeton Testing Center.

This comedy venture is directed by Brian Robbins and conveys a good message in the guise of comedy that grades and SAT scores do not ensure happiness.

One of the six students is played by a young Chris Evans named Kyle. Starring along with him as another student is another big movie industry icon, Scarlett Johansson, who plays the role of Francesca Curtis.


14. Playing it Cool (2014)

Playing it Cool 2014 Romantic Comedy Movie

Image Source: thewrap.com

This romantic comedy has a unique plot. Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair’s (Screenplay writers) idea of a rom-com is about a script writer, who struggles to write a romantic script.

Adversely affected by his mother leaving him at a very young age, Chris Evans, (who narrates the story) finds it hard to settle in a stable romantic relationship.

At first, he looks to others’ experience of love to inspire his script but that doesn’t work too well either. When things seem murky, he finds a woman he connects perfectly with.

He might even have found someone to serve a purpose greater than the script. But there is a catch, she is already engaged. This character who wins Chris Evans’ heart is played by the beautiful Michelle Monaghan.


13. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Not Another Teen Movie 2001

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Not Another Teen Movie is really another teen movie directed by Joel Gallen. Chris Evans takes the lead role in this comic venture, playing a character named Jake Wyler. With his macho feel and popularity, he takes up the challenge of transforming a not so pretty girl, Janey (Chyler Leigh) into the prom queen.

Like all chick flicks, it features a range of generic characters. Jake’s evil sister and a cheerleader who creates hurdles in his challenge and wants him to lose, a foreign student, a virgin student and a seemingly perfect girl. This chick flick plays for 90 minutes, and makes for a good laugh as a light movie.


12. What’s Your Number (2011)

Whats Your Number 2011 Movie

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This R rated romantic comedy directed by Mark Mylod is based on a novel by American author Karyn Bosnak. Sometimes what you read really hits you. This happens to Ally Darling when she reads an article that claims that women who have been in more than 20 relationships are almost sure not to find a husband.

Desperate to prove it wrong, she starts the daunting task of revisiting her old boyfriends to see who might click as the right one. Helping her in her mission is her neighbor and a womanizer named Colin Shea, a character played well by Chris Evans.


11. Sunshine (2007)

Sunshine 2007 all chris evans movies

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We conveniently believe that the sun is an everlasting source of energy, providing us with light heat and more necessary for living beings. Well, writer Alex Garland disagrees. In this futuristic scientific adventure, he tells a story of mother Earth’s sun dying and a desperate, last ditch effort by an international team of astronauts to save it.

How do you save a sun by the way? Here comes in use the large stock of nukes. The plan is to reignite the sun with a nuclear fission bomb. With more plot twists to keep the viewers firmly glued to the screens, director Danny Boyle’s thriller is highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike. The famous Chris Evans plays one of the astronauts, Mace, whose on the save-the-sun space mission.


10. The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (2008)

The revered playwright who is remembered for his brilliant stage classics, wrote the script for this movie in 1950’s. However the script never made it to production stage. Long after his death, director Jodie Markell takes up the project, a silent tribute to Tennessee.

The story is set a century back, in 1920’s, and centers around the daughter of plantation owner, named Fisher Willow. Not liked by most, she is crude and insulting but surprisingly falls for a guy working at her father’s plantation (Chris Evans).

The young handsome but poor boy must be passed off as having a rich lineage in order for Fisher Willow’s aunt to accept him, who acts as the family head. Trouble arrives for them when a diamond goes missing and her aunt is not pleased.


9. Before We Go (2014)

Before We Go 2014 Drama Comedy Venture

Image Source: onthesetofnewyork.com

In one of his recent movies, Chris Evans stars alongside Alice Eve in a rom-com directed by himself. The two meet at a train terminal in New York when Brooke (Alice Eve) has missed her train to Boston and Nick (Chris Evans).

A street musician, being the nice guy tries to help her reach home to her husband. They grow close on their journey and love sparks between the two but they have many hurdles to cross.


8. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007 Sci-Fi Venture

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Based on Marvel Mangaverse, this is the second installment in the series which shows four young scientists with superhuman powers. Chris Evans stars as the ‘Human Torch’, named Johnny Storm, who has the power to control fire and can fly.

This time, the fantastic four face an inter-galactic planet eating enemy by the name of Galactus. It sends a powerful silver surfer to destroy Earth while Van Doom, the old arch-enemy of the Fantastic Four makes a reappearance.

The quartet uses their super powers which includes Susan Storm’s (Jessica Alba) stunning looks, to which the Surfer seems to have a liking for, to listen to sense and finally help them.