15 Sci-Fi Movies That Redefined The Genre

Sci-Fi Movies That Redefined the Genre

Sci-fi has become an outlet for the audience’s wildest dreams. The genre has been an avenue for iconic adventures through space and time for the last century, partly due to the unforgettable blockbusters it has conjured. With each production, the boundaries of reality are pushed further, enveloping viewers in grander concepts. Here are 15 sci-fi… Read More »

15 Best Identity Theft Movies Of All Time

15 Best Identity Theft Movies of All Time

Our identity is a vital part of our lives. Here’s a list of the best identity theft movies in which characters go above and beyond to get their identity back or to steal someone’s identity.   15. The Passenger (1975) David Locke, an American journalist, is sent to cover a conflict in North Africa. He… Read More »

15 Most Hated TV Characters Of All Time

Most Hated TV Characters of All Time

Good and bad characters exist in all fictional universes. But, a hated character isn’t exactly someone heroic or villainous. Sometimes, the most hated characters seen on TV can fall into either side of the spectrum. So, here are 15 of the most hated TV characters of all time:   15. Lori Grimes – The Walking… Read More »

15 Best Kurt Russell Movies Of All Time

15 Best Kurt Russell Movies of All Time

Kurt Russell is a great actor. He may be slightly away from the mainstream now and regrettably unknown for an entire generation, but Generation X still truly appreciates him. His films have a classic vibe. He wasn’t ever chosen for a film, but he chose them. Kurt Russell is the actor who works in the… Read More »

15 Best Movie Makeup Transformations Of All Time

15 Best Movie Makeup Transformations Of All Time

Actors go through various transformations to portray specific roles. From playing obese characters to superheroes, actors handle a ton of transformation to get into the shoes of specific characters. Today, we’re honoring 15 of the best movie makeup transformations of all time, so let’s get started.   15. Steve Carell in Fox Catcher (2014) When… Read More »

15 Best One-Sided Love Movies Of All Time

15 Best One-Sided Love Movies of All Time

Why do we gravitate towards love stories and romantic flicks? Maybe it’s because they soothe our broken hearts or give us a brief escape to a world where the hero always wins. Sadly, love is messy; sometimes, audiences want something more authentic, like a one-sided love story. Here are the top films ever made about… Read More »