15 Famous Immigrant Actors And Their Stories

Immigrant Actors and Their Stories

The American dream has become synonymous with Hollywood because of immigrant actors who have taken the industry by storm. These celebrities have not only broken into the entertainment sector but continue to inspire several generations by using their platforms and experiences to advocate for reform. In honor of immigrants worldwide, we’re highlighting some famous immigrant… Read More »

15 Actors That Were Brought Back To Life By CGI

15 Actors Who Appeared Through CGI in Movies

Just because actors have passed away, Hollywood still manages to bring them back for an appearance in movies, television episodes, or even commercials. With the advent of CGI, special effects, and groundbreaking editing processes, deceased actors have popped on the silver screen every now and then. Here are 15 actors that were brought back to… Read More »

15 Actors Who Said No To Big DC Roles

Actors Who Said No to Big DC Roles

Superhero movies are dominating the box office these days so it comes as no surprise that so many A-list actors have starred in them. Despite the mainstream acceptance and sky-high popularity of DC, there still happen to be a few actors who have refused to star in them. Here are 15 actors who said no… Read More »

15 Actors Who Said No To Big Marvel Roles

Actors Who Said No to Big Marvel Roles

Back in the day, live-action comic book adaptions catered to teens most prominently. With time, however, the particular genre has made a huge mark. Superhero movies in this decade have achieved what highly acclaimed movies of other genres have been achieving for so long. From winning Academy Awards to becoming the highest-grossing film of all… Read More »