15 Harry Potter Moments Only Book Readers Would Know

Harry Potter Moments Only Book Readers Would Know

An absolute marvel as far as fiction literature is concerned, the Harry Potter book series developed a passion for reading in a new generation of children and it only made sense that Warner Bros. acquired its film rights. Though the movie adaptions made quite a buck at the box office, it was riddled with omissions… Read More »

15 Most Unexpected Oscar Winners

Most Unexpected Oscar Winners

Even the most coveted prize in the movie industry has a fair share of controversies. Despite being quite predictable over the years, there have been many instances when the results left everyone’s jaw dropped by surprising results. Take a look at the 15 most unexpected Oscar winners who made you scratch your head:   15…. Read More »

15 Most Memorable Moments Of 2016

15 Most Memorable Moments of 2016

Numerous celebrity deaths, freak shows masquerading as presidential campaigns and the revitalization of Harry Potter have indeed made 2016 an unforgettable journey. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back at the 15 most memorable moments of 2016:   15. Michael Phelps Wins Big at the 2016 Summer Olympics Not only… Read More »

15 Creepy 9/11 Predictions That Are Shockingly Accurate

Creepy 9/11 Predictions That Are Shockingly Accurate

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were one of the most tragic days the United States of America had to endure. With thousands of lives lost, the incident truly deserves a moment of silence. However, not everyone can say that they saw the attack coming thanks to consistent symbolism in television, movies, and even predictions by individuals…. Read More »