30 Best Plot Twist Movies of All Time

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30 Best Plot Twist Movies of All Time

Just when you thought the movie cannot get any better, the director pulls off an unexpected twist in the story to make the heads spin. On the other hand, a plot-twist can bring a boring movie to an elevated height beyond its praise. Here are the best plot twist movies of all time that you should definitely add to your movies to watch list immediately:


Spoilers ahead!


30. Triangle (2009)

Greatest Movie Twists triangle movie

Utilizing time loops and a sea adventure, director Christopher Smith amazed the audience with the 2009 psychological thriller film Triangle. When Jess took her son to a boat ride, every one of the passengers was killed one by one.

Confused and panicked, Jess discovered that the killings were being done by another version of herself stuck in an infinite time loop.


29. Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl

On his fifth wedding anniversary, the last thing Nick Dunne was expecting that his wife Amy had been missing. Labelled as a sociopath by the media, Amy is speculated to be killed by her husband due to the distraught in their marriage.

The murder actually never happened as Amy set up a clever scheme of blaming her apparent murder on Nick after discovering that he was involved in an affair.


28. Wanted (2008)


Troubled and down on his luck, accountant Wesley Gibson learns that he is an heir to a career of assassin in a secret society called The Fraternity, a group his father used to work in too until being killed by Cross.

Once trained to do so, Gibson battles and successfully kills Cross only to find out that he was his real father and left the society due to their evil intentions.


27. The Uninvited (2009)

the uninvited 2009 movie

Believing that her father’s current girlfriend Rachel killed her mother while she was her nurse, Anna and her sister Alex begin to track about her whereabouts but to no avail.

In one of the most unexpected tales of a mentally ill patient and one of the best movie twists in recent years, Anna is found to be suffering from memory loss and – as flashbacks revealed – actually responsible for the killings of her mother, sister Alex and boyfriend Matt.


26. Primal Fear (1996)

primal fear

Based on William Diehl’s 1993 novel of the same name, Primal Fear highlights the shy yet interesting prisoner Aaron Stampler accused of murdering an archbishop.

Aaron reveals that  called Roy actually takes controls of his actions and commit crime. It is soon learned that “Roy” never existed and Aaron made the whole story up.


25. Predestination (2014)


Recently released and starring Ethan Hawke, the 2014 Australian science fiction film Predestination had a very little success at the box office but left its audience astounded by the plot-twists involved in it.

A time travelling agent goes back in time to stop a notorious terrorist known as the Fizzle Bomber.

He eventually succeeds but comes to a state of shock as he realizes that the criminal was none other than an older version of himself.


24. The Others (2001)

The Others

In the horror thriller film starring Nicole Kidman, Grace Stewart lives in a haunted house with her son Nicholas and daughter Anne.

The two cannot come in direct contact with the sunlight. The problem? They are actually dead since they are the ghosts haunting the very house they live in.


23. Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Sleepaway Camp

Living with her eccentric aunt Dr. Martha Thomas and cousin Ricky Thomas, Angela Baker is not an ordinary girl. In fact, it is found out that she is not even one since she is Peter, her thought-to-be-dead brother.

The siblings were involved in a motorboat accident that killed their father and the real Angela. Once Dr. Martha gained the custody of Peter, she decided to raise him as the girl she always wanted.


22. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone plot twist

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

The world of Harry Potter is filled with occasional twist and turns but let’s take a look at not only the first one but also the most momentous one from the very first book and movie that promised big things more to come in the sequels.

Finding out that it was not Professor Snape after the stone but Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Quirrell, things did not stop there as it was soon revealed that Lord Voldemort had been living at the back of his head.


21. The Village (2004)

The Village 2004

Image Courtesy: Touchstone Pictures

Director M. Night Shyamalan successfully trolled the audience with his psychological thriller film The Village. What appeared to take place during the 19th century turned out to be something else entirely as the movie was about to end.

The setting was actually in the present day and the 19th century village was made in such a fashion by its Chief Elder Edward Walker in order to keep the villagers apart from the real world.