15 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based On Comic Books

Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Comic Books

Normally, superheroes of DC and Marvel Comics are the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about films based on comic books. However, Hollywood has many more options to explore while coming up with an idea to make a new movie about. Here are the 15 movies that you didn’t know were based on… Read More »

15 Best DC Animated Movies Of All Time

15 Best DC Animated Movies of All Time

It is no secret that Marvel reigns supreme when it comes to live-action adaptions of superheroes. Even though DC has desperately tried (and failed) to replicate the results, its strength lies in animated movies. Let’s give credit where credit is due so take a look at the 15 best DC animated movies of all time:… Read More »

15 Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies Of All Time

15 Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies of All Time

Who says movies based on comic books are just for kids? Despite being intended for a limited audience due to the “restricted” rating, it is amazing how crude elements such as strong language, violence, and drug usage are enough to make a movie stand out from the rest. Here are the 15 best R-rated comic… Read More »

15 Greatest Stan Lee Creations Of All Time

Greatest Stan Lee Creations of All Time

As a true visionary in the realm of comic books, Stan Lee’s extraordinary work would always be imitated but never duplicated. Due to the sad passing of the legendary comic book artist, let’s take a look at the 15 greatest Stan Lee creations of all time:   15. Daredevil After being blinded by a radioactive… Read More »

Marvel Vs DC: Who Has Better Writers?

marvel vs dc who has better writers

Marvel vs DC: Who has better writers? The question that gets every comic book fan’s blood boiling. And it’s not about the comic book fans only anymore. Since both companies started releasing their own movies, they attracted new fans – and provoked new passionate discussions about which one is better, Marvel or DC? First of… Read More »

15 Marvel Characters Stolen From DC Comics

Marvel Characters Stolen from DC Comics

When it comes to competing against each other, there is no denying that Marvel beats DC Comics by a long shot. While DC Comics may have two of the greatest superheroes of all time i.e. Superman and Batman and the greatest female superhero of all time i.e. Wonder Woman, Marvel has still managed to beat… Read More »