15 Best Cameron Diaz Movies of All Time

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15 Best Cameron Diaz Movies of All Time

Not many on-screen divas have quite the fan following that the great Cameron Diaz possess. One of the most gorgeous woman to have graced the cinema screen, Cameron has been a constant heartthrob for many fanboys down the years.

She also has shown a great knack for acting and the versatility of that quality can be seen by the large variety of super hit films she has done. Let us look at the 15 best Cameron Diaz movies of all time.


15. A Life Less Ordinary (1997)

A Life Less Ordinary Cameron Diaz Movie

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An American-British comedy/fantasy film starring Ewan McGregor as a cleaning man and Cameron Diaz as his Boss’s spoiled rich daughter. Due to his inattentive behavior at work, he gets fired and decides to kidnap the boss’s daughter. So goes along with him, to make an attempt to spite her father.

The fantasy aspect comes into the fold, when it is shown that two angels in charge of matching couples together are the true reasons behind these turn of events, in an attempt to form a loving relationship between this unlikely duos.

Overall, a very unique and charming story with both Cameron and Ewan showing magnificent chemistry together.


14. Very Bad Things (1998)

Very Bad Things cameron Diaz Movie

A dark comedy starring Cameron Diaz as a very controlling bride who is obsessed with planning the perfect wedding. Her fiance and a group of his friends go out to Vegas to escape the madness for a little while and have a bachelor party.

Things take a turn for the worst as a prostitute is found dead amidst their part and they start pointing fingers at each other. The comedy in this film is definitely not for everyone. A lot of the subtle and offensive dialogue between characters might actually be overbearing to some.

However, for others who might not get offended too easily, this movie will have you engrossed in laughter throughout with its cast of fun characters.


13. Vanilla Sky (2001)

Vanilla Sky Cameron Diaz

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A sci-fi psychological thriller, typically starring Tom Cruise, with Cameron Diaz essentially playing a psycho ex-girlfriend who, out of resentment, causes a lot of misfortune to our main character by attempting to kill him and herself by crashing the car they were driving in.

This leads to her death, but Tom survives. However his face is left disfigured and due to the damages to his face he, for some reason, only see’s Cameron Diaz’s face on his current girlfriend. Thus, a psychological tale ensues in which our main character’s privileged life goes downhill.


12. The Holiday (2006)

The Holiday 2006 Cameron Diaz Movie

A very simple romantic comedy about two women, played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, who are having dating troubles.

Moreover, they decide to switch places in each other’s countries and pretty much fall in love with a guy they each meet around the local area. Its very light-hearted and fun to watch.


11. Knight and Day (2010)

Knight and Day 2010 Movie

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It is one of the recent Cameron Diaz movies and a very basic spy story with romantic elements mixed in, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Tom Cruise plays a very cunning spy, who ends up trying to clear his name due to someone framing him.

Through these events, an innocent civilian played by Cameron Diaz gets tangled up in this situation as they both learn to rely on each other as the story progresses and predictably develop some romantic feelings towards each other. Definitely a must watch for all Cameron fans!


10. My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

My Sisters Keeper 2009 Cameron Diaz Movie

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A fairly decent heart-warming story about a daughter that is fatally ill due to leukemia and a family that is trying to do everything they can to save her. One of Cameron Diaz’s best roles as she plays a caring mother.

She is shown to be trying her best to meet her children’s needs but ends up un-intentionally showing favoritism in certain circumstances, which is the real conflict of the film. This movie shows how this family comes together to deal with this seemingly unavoidable tragedy.


9. Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Charlies Angels Cameron Diaz Movie

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Another spy movie on our list, with Cameron Diaz and two other female leads in the leading role. Odds are you already know what “Charlie’s Angels” is all about. The plot isn’t anything interesting but this film mostly serves as eye-candy for men and some decently choreographed fight sequences.


8. Any Given Sunday (1999)

any given sunday 1999 cameron diaz

A stellar cast comprised of Al Pacino, Jamie Fox, Cameron Diaz, and many more. The film depicts an American Football team and their struggles out in the field. A very passionate and engaging performance by each actor.