15 Best Julia Roberts Movies of All Time

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15 Best Julia Roberts Movies of All Time

A familiar face for all movie fanatics, Julia Fiona Roberts, is an aspiration for many girls in terms of career as well as personal life. Happily married to Daniel Moder since 2002, with three children, the American actress and producer, is one of the most successful women in showbiz. The Academy award winning actress (and several other awards) remained the highest paid actress during the ‘90s and early 2000s. The attractive brunette’s success is not limited to money only. She has made it in People’s magazine in ‘50 Most Beautiful People in the World’ list eleven times. She has featured in many box office hits and we have compiled 15 best Julia Roberts movies of all time:


15. The Mexican (2001)

The Mexican 2001 Movie

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Two of the highest paid actors/actresses, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, star opposite each other in this comedy adventure, a Gore Verbinski direction. Written by J. Wyman, this is a story about a small time criminal, Jerry (Brad Pitt), who is asked by the mob boss to cross the border to Mexico and bring back a priceless legend of a gun named ‘The Mexican’.

On the other side, his dominating girlfriend, Samantha (Julia Roberts), demands him to leave the mob or leave her. Deciding on the latter, Jerry sets out towards Mexico, while Samantha heads to Vegas but is kidnapped by an interesting character named Baldry.


14. The Pelican Brief (1993)

The Pelican Brief 1993

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Well executed by director Alan J. Pakula, this movie is an adaption of one of the novels by John Grisham, an American bestseller in crime thrillers. It stars Julia Roberts in the lead role as a young law student whose brief about two Supreme Court judges’ assassination puts her on the perpetrators’ target list.

Encouraged by her professor, who she is in an affair with, her brief implicates highly influential people and might have some truth which leads to his death. Her only aide is an investigative journalist (Denzel Washington) as they try to dig deeper and find proof.

Cast in shadows, blind alleys and a grim background to set the tone, the director and cast have done a commendable job to make for a good night time movie.


13. Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Conspiracy Theory 1997 Movie

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When two heavy weights from the showbiz, Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson, feature together in a movie, it guarantees a large viewership. With a decent enough plot, you can turn it into a success. This is exactly what director Richard Donner has done.

A different yet simple storyline where Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson), a taxi driver, is an outspoken critic of the government and does not hesitate to express his conspiracy theories about them.

When one of his theories finds the net and turns out to be true, he is chased by implicated people and has no one to trust but a woman he loves. She is unaware of his feelings and happens to work for the government.


12. Steel Magnolias (1989)

Steel Magnolias 1989 Movie

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With Herbert Ross’ direction and Robert Harling’s writing, this comedy drama is a perfect movie based on women. The plot is simple a young worker is warmly welcomed in a beauty salon run by a group of women, who share a strong bond of friendship.

The group includes Dolly Parton, who runs the salon and Shelby Eatonton (Julia Roberts), soon to be married. The movie is a representation of strong women and their friendship. They gossip, they help each other and stay strong in face of a tragedy.

The cast does pretty well with Julia Roberts shining the most as she got nominated for an Oscar based on her impressive performance.


11. Closer (2004)

All Julia Roberts Movies List

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Closer is written by Patrick Marber, based on his own award winning play. The movie puts human nature and relationships under scrutiny, showing two couples who exchange partners and back again, all under the banner of love.

All of them are deceitful, and all of them are honest about it. Is it really love or just plain lust? The movie features Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Jude Law and Clive Owen in lead roles.

It has received high praise from all critics in terms of its script and acting. Clive Owen and Natalie Portman give exceptional performances, winning Golden Globes and Academy Award nominations.


10. Duplicity (2009)

Duplicity 2009 Film

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This 2 hours of romantic comedy, written and directed by Tony Gilroy, will surely keep you entertained throughout its running time. Ray (Clive Owen) and Claire (Julia Roberts) are two spies who meet in Dubai, spend a night together and end up with Claire stealing secret documents from him.

Their paths cross again a few years later, there are sparks of lust and love. But can these security agents, who just cannot trust each other, are working for rival companies and looking to steal a formula for a product to make millions, maintain their relationship?


9. Pretty Woman (1990)

Pretty Woman 1990 Movie

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A light rom-com, written by J. F. Lawton and directed by Garry Marshall, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in lead roles, makes for a fine weekend night movie. Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a wealthy and ruthless businessman, taking over companies and selling them.

For his public image, he must always have a girl in his arm. Many have come and gone, feeling ignored, until Vivian comes along. Although a chance meeting and hired to play the part for a week, Edward starts to grow on the Hollywood boulevard hooker. For her splendid on screen performance, Julia Roberts was nominated for an Oscar.

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8. Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

Charlie Wilsons War 2007

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Based on a novel by George Crile, director Mike Nichols’ comedy/biography venture is about a congressman from Texas. Rather inactive in politics, his vote always for sale, the womanizer Charlie Wilson’s character is played by the celebrated American actor Tom Hanks.

A close friend of Charlie’s, Joanne Herring, played by the attractive brunette Julia Roberts, encourages his interest in Afghanistan war with Soviet Union. Deciding to help, he works closely with a CIA operative, Gust (Philip Seymour Hoffman), to help Mujahideen.

Winning the war, however, may have other unprecedented implications. Hoffman was nominated for an Oscar based on his exceptional performance as Gust.