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15 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Of All Time

Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies of All Time

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not just a name, but it is also an attractive brand in the Hollywood industry. The man has achieved iconic status through immense hard work, and today we will be looking at the 15 best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of all time:   15. The Villain (1979) Another hilarious film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger provided… Read More »

30 Best Sci Fi Horror Movies Of All Time

Best Sci Fi Horror Movies of All Time

Every genre brings something different to the table, but sci-fi horrors will always intrigue people around for bringing the spotlight onto the much-needed scary element. Over the years many films have horrified yet attracted viewers from all over the globe. We will countdown to a compiled list of the top 30 best sci-fi horror movies… Read More »

25 Worst Movies Of 2015

25 Worst Movies of 2015

Although from a personal standpoint I don’t believe in highlighting negativity in movies as it feels like disrespecting all the effort and hard work that the whole cast and backroom staff has put into the project. But, there are just some movies that you can’t stop yourself from having a go at, mainly due to… Read More »

15 Best Cameron Diaz Movies Of All Time

Best Cameron Diaz Movies of All Time

Not many on-screen divas have quite the fan following that the great Cameron Diaz possesses. One of the most gorgeous women to have graced the cinema screen, Cameron has been a constant heartthrob for many fanboys down the years. She also has shown a great knack for acting and the versatility of that quality can… Read More »

30 Best Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies Of 2016

30 Best Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies of 2016

In this age of advancement of animation and special effects, the movies that have reaped the benefits the most are sci-fi films. The added visual tools help portray the fictional stories that originate from books, comics, cartoons, etc. in their true light. The audience today is very demanding, and with the addition of each new… Read More »

15 Best Sylvester Stallone Movies Of All Time

Best Sylvester Stallone Movies of All Time

Rapid-cut fight scenes, cheesy one-liners, and window-dressing female characters – these are just some of the many elements that were used to manufacture our favorite nostalgia-filled 80’s action movies with Sylvester Stallone. Following are the 15 best Sylvester Stallone films ever:   15. Paradise Alley (1978) Paradise Alley was Stallone’s forgotten directorial début, which was… Read More »