Top 15 Movie Mob Bosses of All Time

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON February 23rd, 2016

Movie Mob Bosses of All Time

The reason behind the power of every criminal empire lies in the wit, or in some cases ruthlessness, of the man in charge of the entire operation. Bad as they may be, it cannot be denied that the role of a don in any gangster movie has always been regarded as the most pivotal character; adding the icing to the cake. Here today we have compiled a list of the fifteen most memorable movie mob bosses of all time:


15. Vincenzo Coccotti

Vincenzo Coccotti

Despite having quite a short screen time, actor Christopher Walken amazingly expanded the character’s magnitude with a touch of fearlessness and short tempered behavior.

With words intimidating as much as his actions, Vincent Coccotti feels no remorse during his criminal run as particularly shown when he murders Clifford Worley when the later insulted his Sicilian heritage.


14. John Rooney

John Rooney From One Of Popular Movies of All Time

Undoubtedly an Academy Award worthy performance, no actor could have pulled the role of the head of a powerful Irish mafia John Rooney better than Paul Newman.

With responsibilities as a father figure, vast power in criminology and consequence of violence, Rooney proved to be one of the most dramatic and emotional villains that crime can offer.


13. Brick Top

Brick Top

Having control over the local boxing trail and much of the city’s gambling, Brick Top is one of the few crime bosses whose looks define exactly what his uncontrollable emotions can lead to.

Portrayed by Alan Ford, the ruthless crime boss spares no chance at showcasing how sadistic and twisted his mind can get as shown when he burned the mother of boxer Mickey to a devastating death.


12. Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt

The only mob boss in the list whose wrath has reached all around the galaxy and not even a human, Jabba the Hutt is one of the most memorable and outright nasty villains Han Solo came across to.

Responsible for numerous illegal operations such as smuggling, slavery, piracy, gunrunning, the Bloated One has been one of the most memorable and notable villains of the Star War saga apart from Darth Vader.


11. Paul Vitti

Paul Vitti

Born in the Bronx, hanging out with notorious Italian-American criminals in New York, having an appetite for chaos, Paul Vitti was destined to be a criminal; having joined street gang at a very early age.

Portrayed by Robert De Niro, the character of Vitti, despite being utterly arm-less, is tough as nails. With connections in the criminal empire while still a rookie, Vitti would eventually run a powerful mob of his own which would be known as the Vitti Crime Family.


10. Marsellus Wallace

Marsellus Wallace

Throwing off a masseuse from a four story balcony through a greenhouse for touching his wife’s feet pretty much sums the aggression and hostility of the black menace named Marsellus Wallace.

Portrayed by Ving Rhames, crime boss Wallace answers nor explains to no one. Having a very few number of people he can count on, Wallace is the most fierce and intimidating gangster of his area.


9. Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas

Low profile, silent and unlike majority of the crime bosses, Frank Lucas has lust for wealth; thus thinking every aspect of his criminal life in an economical way. Portrayed by Denzel Washington, the character explores the fact that money truly is the root of all evil.

After learning every trick in the book from his boss bumpy Johnson until his death, the drug and wealth addicted mob boss did not let anything cross his path during his illegal activities.


8. Keyser Söze

Keyser Söze Actor

Image Source: Gramercy / courtesy Everett Collection

Perhaps the most mysterious of all crime bosses to ever hit the television screen is none other than Keyser Söze due to fact that no one really knows the status of his existence. Regarded as fiction by some and fact by many, his enigmatic status is what makes the crime boss so unique.

Appeared, so to speak, in the 1995 crime-thriller The Usual Suspects, his unidentified role as the central theme of the entire movie makes even the simplest plot a heart pounding one.