20 Greatest Movie Villains of All Time

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Greatest Movie Villains of All Time

As the saying goes, the greater the threat, the greater the hero. Saving the lives every now and then would not have been a day job for fictional heroes or superheroes if their villains never decided to start a ruckus. Not denying the fact that there is always the presence of charisma and much fascination in the bad guys, take a look at the greatest movie villains of all time who are bad to the bone:


20. Agent Smith

Agent Smith the Matrix

Actor Hugo Weaving is a natural when it comes to playing villains in movies and that is where Agent Smith comes in. As the terrorizing force in the Matrix franchise, Smith breaks every rule in the book and that includes laws of physics too.

With the ability to dodge bullets, jump long distances, punching through concrete, run with super speed and amazing strength, Smith was a worthy opponent for Thomas A. Anderson aka Agent Neo.


19. Pinhead


If Count Dracula was from the darkest pits of hell and had nails all over his face, the character would be Pinhead – a cenobite from an extra dimensional realm with the aim of harvesting human souls.

The Pope of Hell is an extremely powerful being and has supernatural abilities. Utilizing chains and hooks by mental control to tear his victims apart by pulling them in different directions, Pinhead is a master of torture.


18. Pennywise the Dancing Clown

 Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Though the origin and true form of the monster known as “It” was never revealed in the miniseries adaption of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Pennywise takes the form of a sadistic clown to attract and kill innocent children.

Portrayed by Tim Curry and achieving universal acclaim, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is perhaps the scariest, creepiest and evil yet greatest character ever created by the legendary author King.


17. Michael Myers

Michael Myers

Before Halloween was just a fun night of festivities, the mysterious character of Michael Myers added a lot of spice to it by becoming the merciless antagonist of the horror franchise of the same name.

With the mantle of the kitchen knife wielding mass murderer been portrayed on-screen by more than ten different actors, the menacing Michael Myers has a strong place in the hearts of people who are enthralled by slasher movies.


16. Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger

Responsible for making teenagers giving a second thought about sleeping, the burnt serial killer is known for employing a glove armed with sharp razors to kill his poor unsuspecting victims in their dreams.

Jackie Earle Haley might have portrayed the Springwood Slasher in the 2010 reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street but Robert Englund made Krueger a character to be feared of by portraying him in eight installments of the original franchise.


15. Bill “The Butcher” Cutting

Bill “The Butcher” Cutting

Despite Leonardo DiCaprio being the lead actor and hero of Gangs of New York, all eyes were on the knife throwing, moustache twirling Civil War-era gangster Bill “The Butcher” Cutting. Portrayed by none other than Daniel Day-Lewis, it was the actor’s first role after a five-year break from acting and he stole the entire movie.

Despite being backed up by gang members, the magnitude of Cutting exhibits that his knives do all the work when it comes to making a point. Do not let the nickname fool you as he would kill you in a blink of an eye with his knives if he has a score to settle. Day-Lewis won the BAFTA Award and was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his spectacular work.


14. Chucky


Image Credit: moviepilot.com

When criminal Charles Lee Ray transformed his soul into a doll as an attempt to save himself from eventual death, a horror icon was born who made little children rethink about owning a toy doll.

Bent on becoming a human again by transforming his soul into his child owner, multiple murders become evitable yet everyone was skeptical to believe that a doll could actually be alive.


13. Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees friday the 13th

The machete carrying maniac from Camp Crystal Lake has been portrayed by numerous different actors and has cemented his legacy as one of the most recognizable villains in horror movies history.

Driven by the immoral actions of his victims coupled with rage over the fact that he drowned as a child, Jason Voorhees is a killing machine and even his signature hockey mask has become a source of fear.


12. Jigsaw


Slowly dying from an inoperable lobe tumor, former civil engineer John Kramer learns the value of life but just to make sure that other people feel the same way about it too, he puts his unsuspecting victims in bizarre “games” in which they have to self-inflict pain in order to escape.

Given the name Jigsaw Killer by the authorities due to the fact that he cuts a puzzle piece shape of flesh from the victims who fail in his games, the sadistic torture obsessed Kramer is not a villain anyone would want to get on his bad side.


11. Davy Jones

davy jones pirates of the caribbean

Bound on the sea with the duty to carry the ones who died at seas from the world to the afterlife, Davey Jones is merciless and sadistic as they come. As the main antagonist of the second and third installment of Pirates of the Carribean, the caption of The Flying Dutchman proved to be one tough pickle even for the wit of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Based on the superstition among the sailors in the 18th century, Davey Jones’ appearance is as mean as his deeds. Thanks to the heavy voice of Bill Nighy and excellent CGI effects, the sea devil was brought to life and even won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.