15 Best Jessica Chastain Movies of All Time

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15 Best Jessica Chastain Movies of All Time

Jessica Chastain doesn’t need an introduction. The 39 years old actress and film producer has won hearts by her exciting and versatile roles in various Hollywood blockbusters, and has gained worldwide recognition for her memorable roles. Here today we take a look at the best Jessica Chastain movies of all time:


15. Miss Julie (2014)

Miss Julie 2014

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Miss Julie is about a mid-summer eve, when the rich and poor blend and boundaries are somewhat blurred. Jessica Chastain is extraordinary in this movie, considering the movie demanded some extremely challenging monologues to be delivered without the help of any cinematic tricks, Chastian poured herself completely into the role and gave one of her best performances.


14. Jolene (2008)

Jolene 2008

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Chastain has a wonderful way with tragic parts. She has shown this magic in the film Jolene, where she plays a woman who, over the years, has suffered various kinds of tortures from childhood marriage to abuse, betrayal, murder, prostitution, losing everything, and still making attempts to rebuild her life.

The film is outstandingly dramatic, with Chastain giving it her all. The role won her the Best Actress award at Golden Space Needle Awards 2008.


13. Lawless (2012)

Lawless 2012

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Lawless is an impressive and violent drama about a conflict between three bootlegging brothers. Jessica Chastain plays the role of a woman, who after successfully having fled from Chicago, finds herself caught up in a gang war in Virginia.

Jessica (Maggie) and Tom Hardy (Forrest, one of the brothers) share some cute moments on-air, which adds to making this movie an overall a remarkable piece of work.


12. The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby (2014)

The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby 2014

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Chastain’s role in this movie is of a lonely and mournful soul, who doesn’t know where she belongs. After a tragic event that puts a stop to her happily married life, the first scene of Chastain shows her jump from a bridge, which she survives and then sets the deep sadness and remorse.

The camera does great justice to Chastain’s expressions in this movie, making it a must see for all Chastain lovers.


11. Mama (2013)

Mama 2013

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Chastain plays an incomparable role in this one. She’s a tattooed lady with almost completely chopped off black hair and black kohl stained eyes.

She has to learn to love, protect and mother her boyfriend’s young nieces, as they are claimed by a demonic ghost from the beyond that apparently tended to them while they were hiding in a cabin for five whole years. The movie is full of thrilling horror, and is a must watch for all horror genre fans.


10. The Martian (2015)

The Martian 2015

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The Martian is at variance from other Jessica Chastain movies. In this one, Chastain takes the role of Commander Lewis opposite to Matt Damon (Mark Watney), and shows off her skills at playing a leader at a Mars mission which gets abruptly aborted, turning the story into a rescue mission.


9. Crimson Peak (2015)

Crimson Peak 2015

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A fantasy/mystery where Jessica Chastain plays the role of Lady Lucille, the sister of a handsome and newly married brother, and also the bearer and protector of her family’s dark secrets.

The main told is played by Mia Wasikowska, who communicates with the dead to find what her visions mean. This gruesomely violent film has been so brilliantly put together that fans have demanded a sequel.


8. The Debt (2010)

The Debt 2010 Movie

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The Debt is a thriller, where a young Mossad agent, played by Jessica, along with two comrades is in a mission to capture Surgeon of Birkenau, a Nazi war criminal who was on their list.

Jessica role involves her playing as a professional spy, as well as show the tender side of a woman who has wavering feelings and thoughts about two men and must choose between them. Needless to say, Chastain’s utter devotion to her role helped the film grab over a dozen awards at several award shows.