Top 20 Rare Facts About Batman

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Facts About Batman

Long before Nick Fury assembled the Avengers or when James Howlett went on a rampage as the mutant Wolverine with his adamantium skeleton, one superhero reached out to the world; convincing them that even the greatest superhero to walk the face of the earth can be just like a common man – without any superpower. Since 1939, Bruce Wayne has donned the cape of a crusader against crime and has influenced the modern world with his utmost respect for self-discipline compelled with the sense of morality and doing what is unprejudiced. The following are few of the many rare and interesting facts about Batman:


20. Batman Used to Kill

Batman used to Kill

Known for his moral code of never relying on murder against his adversaries, Batman didn’t always exhibited ethics when taking the law into his own hands – something for which the fans have grown to love him for.

Early works of creator Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger show that Batman took a life numerous times during his encounters with injustice. On top all, the initial Batman used guns as a defense; the very weapon the Caped Crusader has shown detestation against over the course of time.


19. Batman Was Named After Two Freedom Fighters

Batman was Named After Two Freedom Fighters

Writer Bill Finger did majority of the work while helping creator Bob Kane conceiving a character per the demand of Detective Comics; including the name for the Dark Knight’s alter ego.

For the secret identity, Finger made a hybrid of the names of two well-renowned freedom fighters; choosing the first name of King Bruce I of Scotland (right), the Guardian of Scotland in 1928, and the last name Anthony “Mad Anthony” Wayne (left), a veteran of the American Revolutionary War.


18. The Very First Batman Film Dates Back to 1964

The Very First Batman Film dates back to 1964

Surprisingly, neither Leslie H. Martinson’s Batman from 1966 nor Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989 was the very first Batman film ever made.

The first Batman film goes back to 1964 when Andy Warhol, a prominent name when pop art was reaching mainstream in America, directed and produced a film based upon the superhero titled Batman/Dracula. However, the film’s screening was limited for just one time in one of his art exhibitions and was never granted any permission from Detective Comics.


17. Batman Was Termed Homosexual by a Psychologist

Batman was Termed Homosexual by a Psychologist

Concerned over children’s motivation towards unethical behavior triggered by comic book images, psychologist Fredric Wertham articulated his judgment about the possible subliminal messages in his book Seduction of the Innocent in 1954; notably targeting the Batman and his crime-fighting partner Robin’s relationship as a psychologically homosexual one.

The acquisitions sky-rocketed with director Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. The 1997 film was jam-packed with numerous homosexual innuendos and became responsible for the temporary decline of the once admired Batman franchise.


16. Jerry Robinson Was The Mind Behind The Joker

Jerry Robinson was the Mind behind The Joker

While Kane and Finger were concocting a villain for the Dark Knight, comic book artist Jerry Robinson walked by and showed them a joker playing card and a photograph of Conrad Veidt, the actor of the 1928 silent film, The Man Who Laughs.

It was the right place at the right time and Robinson became responsible for the creation of Batman’s most lethal and psychopathic adversary. Hungry for acclaim and recognition, the comic book icons unfortunately have since argued over the credit of the character’s conception; leaving the history of Joker’s creation a highly debatable one.


15. Batman is Inspired from Zorro and Leonardo Da Vinci

Batman is Inspired from Zorro and Leonardo Da Vinci

Intrigued by the performance of Douglas Fairbanks in the 1920 film The Mark of Zorro and Leonardo Da Vinci’s ancient sketch of the ornithopter – a machine capable of flight by giant bat-like wings – creator Bob Kane’s knew the right direction when Detective Comics demanded another superhero to match with Superman’s success.


14. Batman Teamed With Sherlock Holmes

Batman Teamed with Sherlock Holmes

In an attempt to stop Professor Moriarty’s successor from murdering Queen Elizabeth in Great Britain, the world’s greatest detective had a surprising help from someone from his own league, none other than another world’s greatest detective, Professor Sherlock Holmes.

Having the same caliber of intellect and investigation skills, the duo made a pretty good team and eventually foiled the villainous plot.


13. Batman Defeated The Incredible Hulk

Batman Defeated The Incredible Hulk

In a crossover between Marvel and Detective Comics, Dr. Bruce Banner works at a division of WayneTech with the hope of coming up with a cure for diseases and for his transformation into the Hulk. When the Joker intervenes, Batman does what is necessary even if it meant conquering his ally.

Employing toxic gas against the behemoth’s brute and barbaric force, the Dark Knight stood victorious in his battle against the incredible Hulk.


12. Adam West Disapproved Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight

Adam West Disapproved Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight

Due to Hollywood Walk of Famer Adam West’s iconic portrayal as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the 1960s television series of the same name and its spin-off film (popularly referred to as Batman 66), the Caped Crusader became a household name and the next big thing on television world wide.

However, the veteran disapproved director Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight due to its edgy stratagem with a darker theme as depicted later in the comics; contrary to the campy and comedic nature of West’s image of the show. The film would later go on to win two Academy Awards; including one for Best Supporting Actor for late Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker.


11. Batman Teamed with The Joker Multiple Times

Teamed with The Joker Multiple Times

As alluring and doubtful it may seem at the same time, Batman has indeed joined forces with his deadliest rival on more than one occasions. Most notably was when a Joker look-alike killed The Penguin, the real Joker called upon Batman to clear his name from the crime which he did not commit.

Surprisingly functional; both men earned each other’s trust and despite countless opportunities, the Joker did not kill Batman even when he wanted to. Turned out that Penguin hired a goon to play the clown prince of crime in order to pull a heist later on.


10. Barbara Gordon Was Not The First Batgirl

Barbara Gordon was not the First Batgirl

Before Barbara Gordon, daughter of Lieutenant Jim Gordon, donned a cape to assist Batman and Robin with their never ending obligation to eradicate crime from Gotham City and became the most well-known female member of the Bat Clan, Finger and fellow comic book artist Sheldon Moldoff introduced Betty Kane, who served as the first ever Batgirl.

Betty Kane has now taken the mantle of Flamebird while the current Batgirl is Stephanie Brown, who previously served as the fourth Robin.