25 Deadliest Animals in the World

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25 Deadliest Animals in the World

Distinguishing between a friendly or a deadly animal isn’t as easy as it seems, as even innocent looking animals cause a significant number of human deaths each year. Here is a list of 25 deadliest animals in the world with respect to their number of human victims:


25. Spiders


It should not be surprising to know that spiders (specially Black Widow, Brown Recluse and Brazilian Wandering) cause a significant number of deaths each year (6 to 7 deaths per year to be precise).

These animals are specially lethal to small children and can cause death within minutes (and can cause death to an adult in 24 hours).


24. Bears


These large meat eaters attack humans viciously in case they perceive them as a threat and cause 4-10 fatalities each year. Bears (including Polar Bears) usually kill humans instantly by cutting off their head with a swipe of their paws.


23. Wolves


Wolves have long occupied a special place in human psyche dating back to 16th century and have caused around 10 deaths per year. These deadly animals hunt human beings in groups which involves repeated bites to the face and head and they usually eat human abdominal cavity first.


22. Sharks


Sharks (specially Blacktip, and Great White) are very dangerous creatures. These fast, active and aggressive animals usually bite divers and swimmers on their limbs without any warning and thanks to their large size and razor-sharp teeth, are quite deadly and cause approximately 10 deaths over a year throughout the world.

Sharks are also thought to be responsible for the deaths of an unknown number of shipwreck victims in World War II.


21. Horses


You won’t believe to have seen this magnificent animal on this list, and surely you would hate to see it here. However, it is responsible for killing over 20 humans a year due to the human tendency to ride them particularly in rodeos.


20. Siafu Ants

siafu ants

Also known as driver ants they appear in swarm of around 50,000,000. You would regret in case you unintentionally crush one of them under your feet.

Once they attack you in a group, they would clamp to your flesh even if you tear their bodies apart. These deadly ants cause 30 deaths a year acting as a single entity.


19. Bees


What makes bees (specially Africanized honey bees) deadliest is the sheer number in which these tiny creatures swarm and attack. The venom of a bee is toxic and causes severe health issues when it enters in a human body.

These animals particularly target human eyes and face causing over 53 deaths each year. Once they begin their attack, they target the darker areas (like dark clothes, dark hair etc) more extensively than the light ones.


18. Cone Snails

cone snail

Research shows that these tiny innocent looking animals cause 30 deaths a year. The victim has 30% chance of survival after being stung by some larger species. The sting of a smaller cone snail however is similar to the sting of a bee and is non-fatal.


17. Asian Giant Hornets

Asian Giant Hornet

With their powerful venomous stings these deadly animals destroy their victim’s red blood cells resulting in kidney failure and causing death to roughly 70 people over a year.

When a hornet is around you it is advisable not to scream or make any sudden movement, because the more you try to get their attention the more they are going to entertain you with their venomous stings.


16. Australian Box Jellyfishes

box jellyfish

Australia is home to over a dozen of the most deadliest animals in the world and Australian Box Jellyfish easily ranks among the deadliest animals that the planet Earth has to offer.

The toxin that it contains affects the nervous system, heart and skin cells causing an approximate number of 100 deaths over a year. Its attack is strongly painful, and the human victims dies of severe shock and heart failure within seconds.


15. Big Cats


With a larger head, thicker legs and chest these powerful cats (specially Tigers, Lions and Leopards) are among the most dangerous animals in the world and cause 100-130 deaths every year.

These remarkably diverse groups of carnivores are found in rain forest. With their long teeth and huge claws these killing machines can tear human body into pieces within 5 to 10 seconds.