15 Best Halle Berry Movies Of All Time

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15 Best Halle Berry Movies Of All Time

1st runner-up in Miss USA Pageant and 6th in Miss World Pageant in 1986, the celebrated actress Halle Berry has quite the looks. Apart from being a fashion model, the American born Halle Berry is a brand ambassador for many and a very successful actress. The pretty actress, known for her short hair styles, won an Academy Award in 2002 and is the only woman of color to have won an Oscar till date. Being one of the highest paid actresses in 2000s, she has featured in many successful flicks. Following are the 15 best Halle Berry movies of all time that her fans should not miss:


15. Swordfish (2001)

Swordfish 2001

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Dominic Sena’s direction, this Action/Crime thriller is a tech-fest. Hugh Jackman features as Stanley Jobson, a deadly hacker who has served 2 years in prison for infecting FBI’s program (that read emails) with a virus and is now barred from even touching a computer.

It is hard to resist, for Stanley, when Ginger (Halle Berry) seduces him into helping her boss hack into government funds. Her boss, Gabriel, is played by John Travolta, is an interesting character whose real motives and loyalty becomes clear only at the very end.


14. Boomerang (1992)

Boomerang 1992 all halle berry movies

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This 2 hours long rom-com features the famous American comedian, Eddie Murphy, in lead role. Eddie plays Marcus, a womanizing and successful advertising executive who falters only when his new boss, Jacqueline (Robin Givens) gives him a taste of his own medicine; using and then dumping him.

Learning his lesson, when he falls in love with his boss’ assistant, Angela (Halle Berry), he treats her in all the right ways. With great comic one-liners, a beautiful Halle Berry playing the lovable girl and Eddie Murphy giving life to the lead role, director Reginald Hudlin’s venture definitely makes for a good pastime.


13. Race the Sun (1996)

Race the Sun 1996

The short haired Halle Barry takes the role of a science teacher, Sandra, who has taken the job in order to leave behind mainland and her failed marriage.

Her students are largely dull and dim-spirited. Sandra selects 8 of them to enter in a solar-powered car design competition. Sandra and her team have a number of obstacles to face and many people to prove wrong in their pursuit of winning the contest.


12. Frankie and Alice (2010)

Frankie and Alice 2010

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Director Geoffrey Sax’s venture is a biopic that features Halle Berry in the lead role, depicting a go-go dancer by the name of Francine (Frankie). Francine is diagnosed of multiple personality disorder and is treated by Dr. Joseph Oswald (Stellan Skarsgard).

Based on true story, the movie shows how the psychotherapists and stripper work together to treat her other personalities, (a child and a white woman). Halle Berry gives an impressionable performance as Frankie and got nominated for Golden Globe award in leading actress category.


11. Executive Decision (1996)

Executive Decision 1996

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Halle Berry plays the role of a flight attendant in this action packed thriller, written by Jim & John Thomas and directed by Stuart Baird. With more than 2 hours of playing time, the basic plot of movie shows a US bound 747, hijacked by people who demand release of their ally.

A team is sent which will board the 747 mid-air to rescue the passengers and defuse the bomb. Accompanying the rescue team is Dr. David Grant (Kurt Russell), an intelligence analyst, who fears there is more to the hijacking than just release of a prisoner. His concerns are realized when he learns that nerve gas is attached to the bomb, with the aim of wiping out Washington D.C.


10. The Program (1993)

The Program 1993

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Written and directed by David S. Ward, The Program is a routine sports movie in which a coach’s job is on the line as his school team doesn’t perform after two season failures. The movie shows a range of issues faced by college students and how the coach brings them together.

Halle Berry takes the stage as a beautiful girl named Autumn, helping out a quarterback whose grades are low and who happens to fall for his tutor. The coach, played by James Caan, has to cope with and win big game with his team that includes players with drinking problems, romantic jealousies, steroids use and other issues.


9. Losing Isaiah (1995)

Losing Isaiah 1995

This movie is an emotional and touching story of two mothers fighting for the child’s custody, one natural and the other adoptive. Based on famous writer Seth Margolis’ novel with the same name, Losing Isaiah stars Halle Berry as the natural mother of an African-American baby. The drug addicted Khaila leaves her son in a dumpster by mistake only to find him missing next day.

After rehab and a settled job, Khaila finds her son is alive and was adopted by a social worker and kind woman Margaret Lewin (Jessica Lange). She challenges for his custody in court. Halle Berry and Jessica Lange both give heart-warming performances, true to the demand of story.


8. The Call (2013)

The Call 2013 Movie

This crime thriller, directed by Brad Anderson, features the Miss USA pageant runner up, Halle Berry, as a 911 operator named Jordan Turner. The skilled operator commits an error that ends in a bad call and ends up becoming a trainer for rookie operators.

A teenage girl calls to report abduction, a chance for Jordan to not only save the girl but to redeem herself of the past. Watch Halle Berry in action in of the best action-thriller of 2013 as she tries to help the girl over call and bring her captor to justice.