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15 Best Mindbender Movies Of All Time

Best Mindbender Movies of All Time

Every once in a while, there comes a point in every individual’s life where it is time to kick back, relax, and stimulate the senses in a way that is not conceivable in the real world. Sometimes, a movie with a scintillating screenplay coupled with brilliant acting and directorial prowess seems to do just the… Read More »

15 Animated Movies With Great Life Lessons

Animated Movies With Great Life Lessons

We all grew up watching animated movies. Some part of my inner child still gets excited when we see the old classics running up on the television. They have a strong connection to all our lives. The main reason for such a fact is that the cinematic industry for animated movies is quite developed. They… Read More »

15 Best Jason Statham Movies Of All Time

Best Jason Statham Movies of All Time

Jason Statham is an accomplished martial artist, film producer, diver, and a great actor. He is well-known for his masterpieces in the industry especially when it comes to action movies. Here we take a look at the best Jason Statham movies of all time that his fans shouldn’t miss:   15. War (2007) War is… Read More »

15 Best Vin Diesel Movies Of All Time

15 Best Vin Diesel Movies of All Time

Mark Sinclair, aka Vin Diesel, was born in California on July 18, 1967. Vin struggled to enter the film industry. Vin caught the attention of Steven Spielberg through his short film Multi-Facial which he directed, produced, scored, and starred in. Steven Spielberg, impressed by his work, cast him in his blockbuster movie Saving Private Ryan… Read More »

15 Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once

15 Movies Everyone Should See at Least Once

Television might be on the upswing, but nothing will ever replace movies. In the past century that movies have been around, it has given us unforgettable stories and characters. Many great movies will leave you in awe after watching them. They not only inspire you but also give you a true cinematic experience in many… Read More »

15 Popular Avengers: Endgame Plot Holes Explained

Avengers Endgame Plot Holes Explained

Avengers: Endgame’s mind-boggling and record-shattering $1.2 billion opening weekend, left everybody in awe. However, in the aftermath, there have been rumblings from some journalists and fans claiming that there are major plot holes in the film. We, on the other hand, think that these so-called plot holes are nothing but a lack of attention. We… Read More »