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15 Best Period Piece Movies Of All Time

Best Period Piece Movies of All Time

Sometimes, one wishes to be entertained and educated at the same time. For times like this, period pieces are the go-to for any film buff. These films, based almost entirely, or loosely on different eras of history, serve to educate and enlighten viewers while also teaching valuable lessons from the ages. Without any further ado,… Read More »

15 Best Winter Movies Of All Time

Best Winter Movies of All Time

It is time for festivities and snuggles. Everyone needs to take a break from their hectic routines and snuggle into their pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy as the winter breeze takes over the warmth of spring. To make this season all the more memorable, here are the 15 best winter movies… Read More »

15 Best Halloween Movies Of All Time

Best Halloween Movies of All Time

Whenever the season for Halloween is upon us, the winds get chilly and the pumpkins roll out. It’s important to have a list of films at hand to enjoy the spooky season. Whether it’s with the entire family or with a group of friends, these films are sure to deliver entertainment for everyone who enjoys… Read More »

15 Best Mindbender Movies Of All Time

Best Mindbender Movies of All Time

Every once in a while, there comes a point in every individual’s life where it is time to kick back, relax, and stimulate the senses in a way that is not conceivable in the real world. Sometimes, a movie with a scintillating screenplay coupled with brilliant acting and directorial prowess seems to do just the… Read More »

15 Best Palestinian Movies Of All Time

Best Palestinian Movies of All Time

Art is a form of redemption. If we turn to a particular art form i.e. cinema, we can observe that it retains culture, history, and social dynamics and encapsulates identity. Therefore, let us turn to Palestinian cinema to understand what Palestine means to the locals. Let us view these people as humans with functioning lives… Read More »