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5 TV Shows That Totally Collapsed In Their Final Season

TV Shows That Totally Collapsed in Their Final Season

Cathartic, emotional, or unsatisfactory, endings tend to evoke strong feelings every time. This especially happens when a certain TV show is loved by a vast majority. There are lots of TV shows that had fans hooked for years but unfortunately, they did not quite end up as fans wanted them to. Shows like Game of… Read More »

15 Scariest Opening Horror Movie Scenes Ever

15 Scariest Opening Horror Movie Scenes Ever

What is the one thing that can get people excited about movies without giving away much? It is the opening scene of the movie that carries the potential to get the viewers hooked if it is up to the mark. In the case of horror movies, every person wants to see different types and intensities… Read More »

15 Most Controversial Movie Endings Of All Time

15 Most Controversial Movie Endings of All Time

It is often said that all is well that ends well. This saying also holds true for movies. You can be watching an epic movie that is simply perfect in every sense. However, if that flick doesn’t end on a satisfying note, it can ruin the whole experience. Over the course of history, several decent… Read More »

15 Movies Ruined By Happy Endings

Movies Ruined by Happy Endings

One would think those happy endings are something that all movies need but the truth is that some movies should follow through with the tone it has set throughout the minutes sadly, some writers do not follow this chain of thought. Some amazing movies have been dampened or even ruined just because the writers or… Read More »

15 Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once

15 Movies Everyone Should See at Least Once

Television might be on the upswing, but nothing will ever replace movies. In the past century that movies have been around, it has given us unforgettable stories and characters. Many great movies will leave you in awe after watching them. They not only inspire you but also give you a true cinematic experience in many… Read More »

15 Plot Twists That Failed To Save Mediocre Movies

Plot Twists that Failed to Save Mediocre Movies of All Time

Plot twists can make you think and talk about a film for quite some time. A sudden change in the plot’s direction and characters’ perspective can give a new meaning to the story. If executed properly, a plot twist is capable enough of being the saving grace of otherwise dull or lackluster movies. However, there… Read More »