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15 Best Movies Set In Ancient Times

Best Movies Set In Ancient Times

Who says that you can’t relive bygone times? If you are interested in history and how people lived back in the day as well as historic events, you need to watch a film set in ancient times. It will transport you back in time and provide a different perspective. Hop on board as we take… Read More »

15 Best Assassin Movies Of All Time

Best Assassin Movies of All Time

If you like violence in films with ruthless hitmen, mysterious ex-secret service agents, and a lot of intense action, here are some of the best assassin movies of all time that you can watch:   15. Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) A great watch for the fans of the gaming franchise. This movie is based on… Read More »

15 Best Movies For Software Developers

Best Movies For Software Developers

Are you a software developer? Then you might be underwhelmed by the inaccurate representation of your community in Hollywood. But, not all is doom and gloom, as some movies do get it right. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best movies for software developers. So, let’s get started:   15. Steve Jobs… Read More »

15 Little Known Facts About Top Gun And Top Gun: Maverick

15 Little Known Facts About Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick

Adrenaline junkies around the world were captivated by the action-packed fighter jet drama Top Gun. From aviators to slamming soundtracks, it’s no surprise the prequel remains one of the highest-grossing cult classics of the 80s. With Top Gun: Maverick set to release shortly, fans are at an all-time peak of nostalgia. Now that it’s almost… Read More »

15 Actors That Were Brought Back To Life By CGI

15 Actors Who Appeared Through CGI in Movies

Just because actors have passed away, Hollywood still manages to bring them back for an appearance in movies, television episodes, or even commercials. With the advent of CGI, special effects, and groundbreaking editing processes, deceased actors have popped on the silver screen every now and then. Here are 15 actors that were brought back to… Read More »

15 Most Scientifically Accurate Movies Of All Time

Most Scientifically Accurate Movies of All Time

There are times when most film directors are going for genres like a superhero, drama, horror, etc. While there are some directors who are bold enough to make movies for a smaller audience. They make movies for the sake of science and don’t care about whether the film flops or does well. Today we’ll be… Read More »