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15 Iconic Scenes That Made A Movie Evergreen

Iconic Scenes That Made a Movie Evergreen

Movies are constituted of both good and bad scenes. It is a mesh that we all love binging on our TV screens just so we can have a spicy debate about which scene stood out the most. Now, everyone has their own debatable opinions. But there is something about some scenes that resonate with most… Read More »

15 Best Action Movies Of All Time

15 Best Action Movies of All Time

The thrill of a car chase, the rhythm in a fight scene, or the sequenced shooting scene in a chaotic battlefield are all scenes that keep us hooked to the screen. Action movies are the perfect end to the weekend because they fight off all the stress for you. With so many action movies piling… Read More »

5 X-Men Characters MCU Should Recast

X-Men Characters MCU Should Recast

Marvel has been sending shockwaves with its cinematic appeal, all around the world. The way it has carried the plot twists along with the action of the superheroes is a hook that we keep on clinging to. But the X-men universe is something the MCU has had a bittersweet story tied to. The first X-Men… Read More »

15 Best Virus Outbreak Movies Of All Time

Best Virus Outbreak Movies of All Time

If there is anything that the pandemic has made us cautious of, it is the deadly diseases that can spread all over the world. And that too, within seconds. We all know how the year 2020 went. Are you eager to watch all those virus outbreak films where you can relate to the time spent… Read More »

15 Animated Movies With Great Life Lessons

Animated Movies With Great Life Lessons

We all grew up watching animated movies. Some part of my inner child still gets excited when we see the old classics running up on the television. They have a strong connection to all our lives. The main reason for such a fact is that the cinematic industry for animated movies is quite developed. They… Read More »