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Movie Cars Of The Future [Infographic]

movie cars of the future

If you’re a massive motor-head, coupled with being a fanatic film fan, there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a film set in the future and seeing all the cool cars they’ve designed to predict what a car will look like in the future. Even more amazing is to look back at some iconic,… Read More »

15 Greatest Face Reveal Scenes Of All Time

Greatest Face Reveal Scenes of All Time

Adding a touch of mystery by a faceless character always does the trick of having the eyes of the audience glued to their television screens. With the ability to keep the viewers guessing, the characters who are yet to be seen throughout the viewer engagement usually end up being the center of attention but eventually… Read More »

The Best And Worst James Bond Movies Of All Time

The Best And Worst James Bond Movies Of All Time

In a crisp black tuxedo, pointing a gun with his highly trained hands and introducing himself with his typical, “The name is Bond, James Bond”, Ian Fleming’s brainchild – universally famous and loved character, Bond is a spoilt British secret service agent who has a license to kill and a bad habit of sleeping with… Read More »

15 Best Liam Neeson Movies Of All Time

Best Liam Neeson Movies Of All Time

Ranked among 100 Sexiest Stars in Film Industry and The Top 100 Movie Stars of all time, Liam John Neeson needs no introduction. The graceful Irish actor, who has girls drooling over him, gets sexier and better looking as he ages. With his charming demeanor and his ability to play any character flawlessly, Liam Neeson has… Read More »