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Could 3D Technology Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

Could 3D Technology be Doing More Harm Than Good

It’s become difficult to avoid 3D technology in cinemas, on smartphones, and now, even on our home television screens. What was once the futuristic technique used to create a unique and stimulating visual experience has now become an accessible format for gadgets and cinema. It is now possible to view 3D images on smartphones, iPads,… Read More »

5 Revolutionary Movies Which Pioneered Technology

revolutionary movies that inspired technology

Movies are often entertaining, inspiring, adrenaline-fueled or present great records of historical events and we love them for that. But there are some high-tech movies out there that do more than just provide us with a couple of hours of distraction from the real world – some of them change the rate at which technology… Read More »

How The Animal Kingdom Inspires Computer Technology

How the Animal Kingdom Inspires Computer Technology

A few months ago, the Japanese crab computer became hot news. Inspired by the theoretical billiard ball computer and the Newtonian behavior of swarms of soldier crabs, scientists manipulated two of these swarms in a maze to build logic OR and AND gates. Of course, it would be an impressive sight to have your notebook… Read More »

Star Trek Technology On The Horizon

Star Trek Technology on the Horizon

It’s hard to determine the full effect the original Star Trek had on technology. Back when the show first ran, the phasers, tricorders, and communicators were nothing more than science fiction, nowhere near as real as cars, telephones, and other aspects of daily life. So many of the products used in the 1960s have gone… Read More »

15 Best Spiritual Movies Of All Time

Best Spiritual Movies of All Time

Anyone interested in expanding their mind is likely to be drawn to spiritual movies. There is just something about this diverse genre that makes it unique. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The following best spiritual movies of all time will help you get in touch… Read More »

15 Best Movie Monsters Of All Time

Best Movie Monsters of All Time

Hollywood’s history is filled with great monsters that grace our screens. In honor of the spooky season, it’s only fitting that we take a look at some of our favorite monsters from various movies and franchises. But, with there being so many, it’s difficult to cram so many names into a 15-odd list. So, here… Read More »