15 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018

POSTED BY Tayyab Khalil, UPDATED ON March 6th, 2023


7. The Incredibles 2

As usual, Pixar makes fans eagerly wait for animated sequels for more than a decade. Making their long-awaited return after fourteen long years, the superhero family of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and their children would don the cape and masks once again to encounter a new foe.

The Incredibles 2 will hit the theaters in June 2018 and fans of the original flick would be pleased to know that Brad Bird is returning as the director and so are most of the original cast members for voice roles.


6. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The cinematic world of Harry Potter was revived with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them starring Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne. After the events unfolded in the movie, muggles face a new threat stemming from the evil agendas of dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald.

In order to combat the new menace, the man who steps forward is none other than Newt Scamander but he is not alone. He is accompanied by a very familiar face from Grindelwald’s past, Albus Dumbledore.


5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The dinosaurs at the dismantled park are on the verge of extinction due to a volcanic eruption. While it can be argued that the volcano is probably doing humans a favor in terms of safety, Claire Dearing strongly feels otherwise and recruits her former co-worker Owen Grady to protect the dinosaurs.

No word about Sam Neill returning as Dr. Alan Grant but fans of the Jurassic Park trilogy would be pleased to know that Jeff Goldblum is definitely confirmed to be reprising his role of Dr. Ian Malcolm.


4. Deadpool 2

Possibly the most unique and hilarious character from Marvel Comics, Deadpool redefined the comic book genre due to his over-the-top mannerism, twisted sense of humor, and ability to break the fourth wall.

Not so surprisingly, fans desperately demanded a sequel and had their wishes granted when it was revealed that Ryan Reynolds would be reprising his most famous role to save the battle against bad guys and save the day.


3. Mission Impossible 6

55 years old and showing no signs of stepping away from action movies, that is none other than megastar Tom Cruise for you! Apart from the obvious presence of action-packed scenes, the sixth part of the Mission Impossible series would highlight deep aspects of Ethan Hunt’s personal life.

Though the plot of the movie has not been made public yet, it has been announced that Mission Impossible 6 would be the first installment of the franchise to be released in 3D and would be released in July 2018 by Paramount Pictures.


2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

As one of the standalone films of the acclaimed space opera franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a different spin on Han Solo. Set in a space western ambiance, the movie would mark the first time that the iconic character would not be played by Harrison Ford.

Instead, the beloved role would be portrayed by 28-year-old American actor Alden Ehrenreich. The standalone prequel movie would shed light on Solo’s earlier days as a roguish smuggler before he came across Obi-Wan Kenobi.


1. Avengers: Infinity War

Was there any ounce of doubt behind the number one spot on the list? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is undeniably the gold standard when it comes to superhero movies and it is not a surprise that Avengers: Infinity War is easily the most anticipated movie of 2018.

Partially based on The Infinity Gauntlet storyline, the superhero flick will feature the live-action debut of Thanos. Apart from the obvious involvement of the characters from the team of Avengers, what makes the movie exceedingly intriguing is the fact that it would include the unstable squad of Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

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