15 Famous Movie Scenes That Were Not in the Script

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15 Memorable Movie Scenes That Were Not in the Script

As one of the first steps of making a movie, the script is an essential part of the entire project. However, with the addition of talented actors, it is not surprising to see several moments being ended up in the final cut of the movie which were not actually improvised due to being caught up at the moment. Take a look at the 15 famous movie scenes that were not in the script:


15. Chest Thumps (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Chest Thumps The Wolf of Wall Street

Image Source: glowingdesigns.tumblr.com

Matthew McConaughey doing chest bumps is not something new. In fact, he does it as a warm up before shooting scenes. When co-star Leonardo DiCaprio saw him, he suggested that it would be a good addition to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

Director Martin Scorsese, well-known for allowing his actors to improvise during scenes, got impressed by the off-screen behavior and included it in the movie. As far as the chest thumps scene is concerned, DiCaprio’s confusion is visible as he sees the shooting crew during the scene.


14. Rap Song (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Rap Song Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Image Source: thewrap.com

The chemistry between the heroes in the half-shell will go down as the funniest ones in superheroes history. Their goofing off nature is a vital part of who they are and it was only sensible that they practice their rap song in the elevator before battling Shredder.

Much like their onscreen characters, the actors portraying the Ninja Turtles fooled around quite often and VFX supervisor Pablo Helman requested them to do the same for the movie, resulting in the funny rap song before their showdown.


13. The Barn Story (Saving Private Ryan)

The Barn Story Saving Private Ryan

Image Source: iceboxmovies.blogspot.com

Arguably the best war movie of all time, Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan is a modern masterpiece of filmmaking and its success owes a great deal to leading stars Tom Hanks and Matt Damon.

While the two are sitting together in a destroyed French street, the latter narrates a humorous tale of his brothers chilling out in a barn. The heartwarming tale takes a bitter turn when he says that it was the last time he saw them. Impressively enough, the entire dialogue delivered by Damon was not in the script.


12. Jewelry Box (Pretty Woman)

Jewelry Box Pretty Woman

Image Courtesy: radiotimes.com

Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman beautifully captures their onscreen chemistry and also managed to include a glimpse of their off-the-script fun.

While the script instructed Gere to show Roberts the necklace by opening the jewelry box, it did not said to quickly close the lid shut as he hands them near to touch it. The actor still did it and Roberts’ genuine laugh made it to the movie.


11. Bleeding Hand (Django Unchained)

Bleeding Hand Django Unchained

Image Courtesy: etonline.com

Only a handful of actors remain committed to their roles and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. During one of the most iconic movie scenes featured in Django Unchained, the actor intensely slammed his hand on the dinner table which had glass on it and legitimately cut his hand which required stitches.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the actor did not stop for a break but remained in character and continued as he was required. DiCaprio cleverly worked his blood into the scene by smearing it on costar Kerry Washington’s face as she witnessed how far the actor was going.


10. I’m Walkin’ Here! (Midnight Cowboy)

I M Walkin Here Midnight Cowboy

Image Source: weeklystorybook.com

Leading stars Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman were nearly hit by a real taxi cab during the shooting of Midnight Cowboy but the latter remained in character and slammed his hand on the hood of the car as he yelled the popular line,

“Hey! I’m walkin’ here!”

The movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Actors for both Voight and Hoffman. Though they did not win for their respective categories, Midnight Cowboy won three Academy Awards including Best Picture.


9. Raj Drops Simran (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge)

Raj Drops Simran Scene In DilwaleDulhania Le Jayenge

Image Source: uiowa.edu

Undoubtedly the greatest Bollywood production of all time, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengay beautifully incorporates every element that the Hindi movie industry is famous for. As a career defining movie for costars Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, the duo has often been referred as the best onscreen couple.

In one of the hilarious scenes, Khan unexpectedly drops Kajol on the floor as soon as a song finishes – shocking her to the point of dropping her jaw. Believe it or not, director Aditya Chopra asked Khan to do so in order to capture her candid response – resulting in one of the best movie scenes that weren’t an act.


8. Sneezing Cocaine (Annie Hall)

Sneezing Cocaine From Movie Annie Hall

Image Source: tumblr.com

Cocaine is no joke but when it comes to veteran comedy writer Woody Allen, be prepared for laughs. Directed by and starring Allen himself, Annie Hall is work of art in terms of romantic comedy. Nominated for five Academy Awards and winning four including Best Picture, hardly any comedy flick has achieved that milestone.

When Allen’s character Alvy is about to snort cocaine, he accidentally sneezes and scatters the drug on everyone around him. Though not in the script, it was decided to add it for the sake of humor and once the test audience laughed out loud by watching the scene, there was no turning back.