Top 5 Biggest Robberies In History

Top 5 Biggest Robberies in History

Robberies and heists are intriguing to the public and a multitude of motion pictures have plots containing a huge score. However, the following are the 5 biggest robberies in history that have had the largest totals and most valuable loot, and some even got away with it.   5. Theft of the Mona Lisa –… Read More »

5 Most Notorious Serial Killers In US History

5 Most Notorious Serial Killers in US History

The human race has produced its fair share of wondrous intellects, artists, and philanthropists, but sometimes things go wrong. A natural tendency toward violence is amplified inside a few sick individuals, allowing them to commit atrocities that shatter lives and horrify everyone around them. These are five of the most notorious serial killers in the… Read More »

6 Hero Teachers Who Died Protecting Students

Hero Teachers Who Died Protecting Students

The national tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has reminded Americans of the heroic role our teachers play on a daily basis. Selflessly dedicating themselves to their students, several have lost their lives while performing their duties. This should be remembered the next time someone bashes teachers or complains about their work schedule. Teachers are… Read More »

25 Odd Jobs That Make Money [Infographic]

Odd Jobs That Make Money

The most important aspect of a job is the money that it brings in with itself. But only the white-collar jobs aren’t the highest-paying jobs. There are many jobs, which are considered to be odd by many people but can earn handsome salaries. Following are some odd jobs that make money if you opt for… Read More »

Top 15 True Ghost Photographs Ever Captured

Top 15 True Ghost Photographs Ever Captured

Do ghosts exist in real life? True ghost photographs seem to be an authentic possible answer (an equally scary too)! From Halloween to the Chinese ghost festival aka Yu Lan, ghosts have become a vital part of our popular culture. Real or not, ghosts are definitely not even remotely near to what ‘Casper’ looked like…. Read More »

The Amazing Swimming Pools Around The World

The Amazing Swimming Pools Around the World

There are some eccentric billionaires around the world who embrace the pool and want to create something new with it. There are many amazing swimming pools around the world, from 50 feet pools that take on the shape of a guitar to indoor pools reaching up to 300 meters in length – making them some… Read More »