Top 5 Weirdest Things That Statistically Lower Crime

Weirdest Things That Statistically Lower Crime

Politicians are always going on about how to lower the crime rate. They talk about increasing police numbers, introducing harsher sentencing, and have even decided to go easier on people who defend their property by use of force. This is all very well, but there are some surprising things that statistically lower crime far better… Read More »

Unbelievable Workers Compensation Awards In History

Unbelievable Workers Compensation Awards in History

To say that more than a few eyebrows lifted when a woman was awarded worker’s compensation after being injured in her hotel room during an intimate romp with a friend while on a business trip would be something of an understatement. For U.S. readers who think that some worker’s compensation awards are pushing the boundaries… Read More »

Top 10 Funny Dog Breeds

Top 10 Funny Dog Breeds

Since the advent of the internet, looking at hilarious pictures of domesticated animals has officially become humanity’s favorite pastime. Crowned with the title of “Man’s Best Friend”, dogs without a doubt are favorite house pets and are loved by almost everyone (at least in the US). With thousands of canine breeds in existence, it is… Read More »

Hammerhead Shark – The Unique Shark That Sees In Stereo Vision

Hammerhead Shark - The Unique Shark That Sees in Stereo Vision

Hammerhead sharks are possibly the most threatening-looking of all the shark species. They are indeed well-named ‘hammerheads’ and their extraordinary features render them eerie-looking and almost prehistoric. Of all the dangerous sharks, Hammerheads’ eyesight probably renders them the better hunters, according to scientific research conducted comparing them with other shark species. The tests were conducted… Read More »

5 Crazy Business Ideas That Were Successful

5 Crazy Business Ideas That Were Successful

Sometimes it is the craziest of ideas that actually work out. Perhaps they are not even crazy at all if they manage to pan out into successful enterprises, but you would not have found many people believing strongly in them at the beginning. The following are five crazy business ideas that were successful despite looking completely bizarre… Read More »

Top 5 Amazing Buildings In The World

Top 5 Amazing Buildings in The World

Architects across the globe have used their skills to design odd and amazing buildings. Here are our top 5 amazing buildings in the world that are the most unusual and visually striking structures that fascinate tourists and designers alike throughout the world:   5. The Sagrada Familia The Sagrada Familia is an unfinished Roman Catholic… Read More »