Top 5 Ways People Waste Money In America

Ways People Waste Money in America

The past six years have seen American families tightening their belts in an attempt to stretch a buck as far as possible. Despite these efforts, there are still several ways people waste money in America. The average family could save hundreds per year by cutting out these top five money-wasting items from their spending.  … Read More »

Top 10 Most Environmentally Friendly Cars Of 2012-2013

Top 10 Most Environmentally Friendly Cars of 2012-2013

Hybrid and electric vehicles are hitting the market at a rapid pace due to increasingly high fuel prices and the ever-growing need for greener living practices. You’ll find lots of eco-friendly options in every price range. Here are 10 of the most environmentally friendly cars of 2012-2013:   1. 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Comfort… Read More »

The Best Water Parks In The World

The Best Water Parks in the World

The best way to beat the heat during the summer months is to visit your local water park. Water parks offer their guests a chance to get their feet wet while enjoying a thrilling adventure with their friends and family. Let’s take a look at some of the best water parks in the world:  … Read More »

9 Best Free Online Music Websites

Best Free Online Music Websites

Who doesn’t love free music and especially online music websites for free? There are plenty of subscription-based websites out there that will charge you for all of the music and music information that you are looking for. There is no need to shell out any kind of money to access music when there are plenty… Read More »

6 Ancient Roman Buildings That Still Stand

Ancient Roman Buildings That Still Stand

Many ancient Roman buildings despite being lost to history have survived to this day. The following list includes 6 famous ancient Roman buildings that still stand as a tribute to Roman ingenuity.   6. The Pont du Gard The Roman aqueduct system that delivered clean water from mountaintop springs into cities for use by the… Read More »