4 Craziest Game Shows Ever Conceived

Craziest Game Shows Ever Conceived

When we think of “game shows” we usually tend to think of things like Catchphrase, Bullseye, and Supermarket Sweep. But in today’s internet-savvy era a single online session can enlighten you on the vast treasure trove of human absurdity that the world of international game shows is all about (via, of course, the mighty YouTube)…. Read More »

The World’s Dumbest Criminals

The World's Dumbest Criminals

Legend has it that there are some rather cunning criminals in business, but it seems that more often than not, today’s criminals are bottom feeders in the IQ gene pool. Here are some great examples of the world’s dumbest criminals who tried to make their living on the wrong side of the law.   Third… Read More »

5 Most Disgusting Parasites That Infect Human Beings

5 Most Disgusting Parasites That Infect Human Beings

Most of us like to think of parasites as something only animals are bothered with. Sadly, that’s not the case. Below are five of the most disgusting parasites that infect human beings (due to the extremely disturbing nature of the images of patients suffering from the below-mentioned parasites, the images of all respective parasites have… Read More »

Top 25 Ways To Make Money Online

Top 25 Ways to Make Money Online

It’s everyone’s dream: Making money without ever having to step foot in the office again. In the past years, working at home usually meant stuffing envelopes or selling Avon, but the Internet and cloud computing is radically changing how many companies do business. Here are the top 25 ways to make money online:   1…. Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Lightning That You Might Not Know

Interesting Facts About Lightning That You Might Not Know

Throughout history, lightning has always been seen as an extraordinary natural occurrence that has captivated people’s attention for many, many reasons. Even today people living under lightning protection and earthing systems are still in awe of the sheer power that lightning holds. Lightening embraces both beauty and destruction in one single strike, but if asked… Read More »

Teeth You Don’t Want To Be Bitten By

Teeth You Don't Want to Be Bitten By

Predators. As a child, stories you heard about them caused you to be afraid of the dark and imagine monsters under the bed. Across all cultures, humans are fascinated with the kings and queens of the natural world. We celebrate the lion as the king of the jungle or the bear as the symbol of… Read More »