15 Most Bizarre Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Of All Time

Most Bizarre Cartoon Conspiracy Theories of All Time

As a kid, watching cartoon characters on television was the most amazing time ever spent. Watching Bugs Bunny outsmarting Elmer Fudd and Power Puff Girls saving the day before bedtime always brought smiles to the faces of millions of children worldwide. With the passage of time, it turns out that conspiracy theories are not only… Read More »

18 Interesting Facts About The Oscars

Interesting Facts About The Oscars

Oscar is the most recognized trophy in the world which is a symbol of great success and honor in filmmaking. Each year these awards are presented to the most recognized contributors to the entertainment industry. Here today we are taking a look at the most interesting facts about the Oscars:   18. Youngest Oscar Winners… Read More »

15 Most Shocking Moments In Oscar History

Most Shocking Moments in Oscar History

The annual Academy Award ceremony is the most prestigious event which highlights the art of film-making. Known as a career-elevating night, it is no secret that it has been home to several great, memorable, and even shocking moments throughout its history. From surprising upsets to controversial wins, let’s take a look at the most shocking… Read More »

15 Most Memorable Moments Of 2014

15 Most Memorable Moments of 2014

As the year 2014 draws to a close, let’s take out some time to stroll on memory lane to see the most unforgettable and shocking moments which left a mark in our subconscious. From devastating stealth invasions to a seventeen-year-old education activist winning the Nobel Peace Prize, it is safe to say that the year… Read More »

Financial Fraud In The Digital Age [Infographic]

Financial Fraud in the Digital Age

Financial fraud has become a lot easier in recent years due to the digital age. With so much access to a variety of information, fraud is a bigger problem than ever before. From corporate crime to identity theft, there are several ways people can embezzle money. Some of the best criminals search your social media… Read More »

15 Weird Outdated Medical Practices

Weird Outdated Medical Practices

The process of taming has been along with man through the process of evolution since his birth. In order to save himself from all possible diseases, he went to the extent of using some even hilarious treatment methods. Times have changed though since this happened. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to get the treatment that… Read More »