15 Worst Dam Disasters Of All Time

Worst Dam Disasters of All Time

Human civilization has progressed a great deal in all scientific fields during its journey from the Stone Age to the scientific era. However, with all its achievements, mankind is far from infallible. Dams are created by highly talented engineers with a claim that these buildings are built to stay for centuries to come. However, time… Read More »

Top 6 Most Useless Inventions

Top 6 Most Useless Inventions

In most cases, technology should make our lives easier and more efficient, but some gadgets just don’t quite make any sense. We today have compiled a list of six most useless inventions that force you to question the purpose of their conception, creation, and existence.   Air-Conditioned Pants Do you work outdoors all day in… Read More »

22 Interesting Facts About Chickens

Interesting Facts About Chickens

We human beings are undoubtedly true animal lovers with the majority of homes owning a pet or two whether it’s dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, and even chickens! But how much do we know about our feathered friends? There is a lot more to chickens than meets the eye – check out these… Read More »

Top 10 Terrifying Old Medical Practices

Terrifying Old Medical Practices

Human beings have endured some of the most horrible natural diseases for centuries. Luckily the field of medicine has now evolved to tremendous glory and there are safe and mature medical practices in place for common diseases. Now, fully qualified doctors with full college educations can start their medical facilities and use state-of-the-art medical techniques…. Read More »

6 Most Notorious Hotel Room Events Of All Time

Most Notorious Hotel Room Events of All Time

Whether it is the thrill of being away from home or the secrecy of an address without your name attached to it, hotels seem to be prime locations for a wide range of unsavory historical happenings. From murders to scandals, innocent mistakes to well-plotted escapades, many hotels have a colorful history just waiting to be… Read More »