Top 6 Most Useless Inventions

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Most Useless Inventions

In most cases, technology should make our lives easier and efficient, but some gadgets just don’t quite make any sense. We today have compiled a list of six such most useless inventions that force you to question the purpose of their conception, creation, and existence.


Air–Conditioned Pants

Air Conditioned Pants

Do you work outdoors all day in the hot sun? Then you may want to give air-conditioned pants a try. Japanese company Kuchofuko, the “air-conditioned clothing specialists” make battery-powered air-conditioned pants. The fabric is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton.


Lumadot LED Umbrella

Lumadot LED Umbrella

Have you ever been out on a rainy night and thought, “Gee I wish my umbrella had a little more pizazz?” Well, you are in luck. The Lumadot LED Umbrella has fiber optic lights powered by batteries (not included of course) that light up the top of your umbrella like a Christmas tree.

With a flip of the switch, you can go from standard mode to blinking lights. With an LED Umbrella, every day is Christmas!


Metal Detecting Sandals

Metal Detecting Sandals

Do you get tired of lugging around that heavy old metal detector around on the beach? Well have no fear, metal detecting sandals are here. For just $59.95, you can stroll the beach while your metal detecting sandals search for buried treasure.

The sexy battery pack for the sandals straps onto your calf. While you may find treasure, you also may end up with some funky tan lines.


USB Pregnancy “Pteq” Test

USB Pregnancy “Pteq” Test

Apparently, decoding one or two lines on the traditional pregnancy stick test into “pregnant” or “not pregnant” is too much for us humans to handle. Someone out there recognized this problem and invented the USB Pregnancy Pteq Test.

Ladies, you just do your thing and then plug it into your laptop, and voilà, your test results and analysis appear on your computer screen. Luckily the end that you “test” isn’t the same end that you plug into your USB port.


The Massage Mouse

the massage mouse

Have you ever been sitting at your computer, pointing and clicking, and thought, “I wish this mouse could give me a massage?” No? Well, someone did, and thus the massage mouse was born. Designed to relieve back, neck and shoulder stiffness.

It even comes in two colors – platinum and titanium, which are both shades of gray. And good news, the “ears” of the mouse double as a document holder!


Technology Pants

Technology Pants

If you plan on never dating again and living in your parent’s basement and writing code for the rest of your life, then these pants are for you. According to their creators, Nieuwe Heren, technology pants “combine the worlds of fashion and technology.” The pants include a built-in keyboard, speakers and a wireless mouse.


Not all technology is good technology. While the world around us continues to invent more gadgets to make our life easier, there are some areas of our life where technology doesn’t belong. 

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