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25 Largest Game Worlds Of All Time

Largest Game Worlds of All Time

With leaps and bounds in technology, it is no wonder that game worlds are getting bigger and bigger with each new video game that comes out. Gamers love open-world games because they can explore and play for hours while developers love them as they allow them to be as creative as the system can allow,… Read More »

Top 15 World’s Most Dangerous Criminals

Top 15 World's Most Dangerous Criminals

The world is full of thieves, murderers, terrorists, rapists, thugs, drug dealers, mafia dons, and other criminals. This has been the way since the dawn of civilization; the evil factors in society, try to disrupt the established peace to benefit themselves or to satisfy their ill mind. Here is a list of 15 world’s most… Read More »

15 Most Violent Video Games Of All Time

Most Violent Video Games of All Time

Video games are a favorite recreational pastime for a lot of people worldwide. One of the main reasons for this is that these video games allow people to do crazy, illogical, and highly dangerous stuff while keeping them safe, anonymous, and relatively out of trouble. Thanks to all this, the violent video game genre has… Read More »

25 Best War Movies Of All Time

Best War Movies of All Time

War movies have been enjoyed by families across the globe for many decades now. The reason is simple, they are good and clean entertainment. Dramas may bore some people while romance may cause a lot of boys to fall asleep, and not everyone is alright about horror. However, when it comes to action-packed war movies,… Read More »

13 Best Upcoming Console Games Of 2014

Best Upcoming Console Games of 2014

Last year saw the release of two of the most anticipated video game consoles of the past decade, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Both consoles have sold millions of units to date, but still, lack a good collection of next-generation game titles. Even Wii U which was released a year earlier doesn’t possess… Read More »

19 Things We Want To See In GTA 6

Things We Want To See In GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto V has been regarded as the pinnacle of the 7th generation video gaming consoles. Even though it brought with it many incredible features never before seen in the series, such as 3 different protagonists, a wide array of new gameplay situations, and different types of heists, we feel that even more awesomeness… Read More »