37 Oldest Inhabited Cities In The World

Oldest Inhabited Cities in the World

The recorded human history dates back to 9000 BC. Archaeological remains of the oldest cities in the world depict the creativity, sophistication, and power of various civilizations over history – through its magnificent historical sites, creative arts, and elegant buildings. Here today we take a look at the 37 oldest inhabited cities in the world:… Read More »

30 Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

Animals that live beneath deep waters are some really weird creatures (with most of them being really terrifying) thanks to some still unknown evolutionary reasons. With such a sheer number of weird creatures and monsters roaming the oceans, we today have compiled a list of the most weird ocean creatures ever that could help us… Read More »

15 Interesting Facts About Family Guy

Interesting Facts About Family Guy

Humor, laughs, cutaway gags, you name it and Family Guy has it. The most notorious family from Quahog, Rhode Island stands out as one of the most loved – and quite frankly, hated too – animated characters of all time. On the air since 1999 and canceled twice, Family Guy still lives up to the… Read More »

15 Interesting Facts About The Simpsons

Interesting Facts About The Simpsons

26 seasons and the beloved animated show is going strong as ever. The world would not have been the same place if the iconic yellow-skinned family had not hit the television screens. As the longest-running show of all time, The Simpsons has a massive fan following and homes an instantly recognizable pool of characters thanks to… Read More »

25 Deadliest Animals In The World

Deadliest Animals in the World

Distinguishing between a friendly or a deadly animal isn’t as easy as it seems, as even innocent-looking animals cause a significant number of human deaths each year. Here is a list of 25 deadliest animals in the world with respect to their number of human victims:   25. Spiders It should not be surprising to… Read More »

15 Most Bizarre Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Of All Time

Most Bizarre Cartoon Conspiracy Theories of All Time

As a kid, watching cartoon characters on television was the most amazing time ever spent. Watching Bugs Bunny outsmarting Elmer Fudd and Power Puff Girls saving the day before bedtime always brought smiles to the faces of millions of children worldwide. With the passage of time, it turns out that conspiracy theories are not only… Read More »