10 Most Intriguing Robberies Ever Attempted

Most Intriguing Robberies Ever Attempted

There have been several robberies throughout history that can even amaze a Hollywood crime genre fan to the core due to their sheer amount of boldness and strategy. Here today we have compiled a list of the most intriguing robberies ever attempted to highlight some really interesting ones:   10. Claude Du Val Robberies A… Read More »

15 Women That Changed Pakistan Forever

15 Women That Changed Pakistan Forever

Ever since the War on Terror started after 9/11, Pakistan has been a controversial state. In the midst of all this, many aspects of the country have been misrepresented. At the forefront of this is the position of women, the general consensus seems to be that women are oppressed and suppressed. However, history shows evidence… Read More »

What Does It Take To Get A Job At Google? [Infographic]

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google

In this year’s iteration of Fortune Magazine’s Annual List of 100 Best Companies to Work For, Google once again ranked first beating out competition like SAS. Let’s take a deep look into what it takes to get a job at Google. The search engine giant, which currently employs 50 thousand people all over the world… Read More »

19 Greatest Leaders Of Modern History

Greatest Leaders of Modern History

Ordinary individuals realizing that the very first step to change the world begins with changing ourselves first is a perfect description of leadership. Everyone can follow but not everyone has the mentality to lead. Showcasing a motivated attitude with a desire to excel with the passage of time, leadership is a matter of how quickly… Read More »

9 Coolest Tiny Houses In The World

9 Coolest Tiny Houses in The World

This giant, perfect, self-sustaining ecosystem of a world of ours is slowly becoming more and more cramped, and the subsequent changes have begun to take a serious toll. With the advent of the “Cribs” generation, it may seem that extravagance and living beyond your means is the newest trend while many people across the world… Read More »

9 Solid Reasons For The End Of The World

Solid Reasons For the End of the World

With so much life and nature bustling around us, it’s hard for anyone to even imagine the ultimate end that everything is destined to meet – sooner or later. You don’t need to pay attention to fortune-tellers, soothsayers, or arguers, because we today have compiled a list of nine solid reasons for the end of… Read More »