15 Celebrities We Lost In 2015

15 Celebrities We Lost in 2015

People come and people go but only a few of them leave their mark for everyone to remember. If history has taught people anything at all, it is that death waits for no man and that includes celebrities. No matter how big of a house you live in and no matter how vast your bank… Read More »

Top 15 World’s Most Dangerous Criminals

Top 15 World's Most Dangerous Criminals

The world is full of thieves, murderers, terrorists, rapists, thugs, drug dealers, mafia dons, and other criminals. This has been the way since the dawn of civilization; the evil factors in society, try to disrupt the established peace to benefit themselves or to satisfy their ill mind. Here is a list of 15 world’s most… Read More »

15 Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

The literary genre of fantasy was shaken to its core once British novelist J. K. Rowling introduced the unique world of magic and wizardry with her critically acclaimed Harry Potter book series. Adapted to Hollywood and receiving worldwide praise, the following are a few of the most interesting facts about Harry Potter:   15. Dementors… Read More »

37 Oldest Inhabited Cities In The World

Oldest Inhabited Cities in the World

The recorded human history dates back to 9000 BC. Archaeological remains of the oldest cities in the world depict the creativity, sophistication, and power of various civilizations over history – through its magnificent historical sites, creative arts, and elegant buildings. Here today we take a look at the 37 oldest inhabited cities in the world:… Read More »

30 Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

Animals that live beneath deep waters are some really weird creatures (with most of them being terrifying) thanks to some still unknown evolutionary reasons. With such a sheer number of weird creatures and monsters roaming the oceans, we today have compiled a list of the most weird ocean creatures ever that could help us in… Read More »

25 Deadliest Animals In The World

Deadliest Animals in the World

Distinguishing between a friendly and a deadly animal isn’t as easy as it seems, as even innocent-looking animals cause a significant number of human deaths each year. Here is a list of the 25 deadliest animals in the world concerning their number of human victims:   25. Spiders It should not be surprising to know… Read More »