37 Oldest Inhabited Cities in the World

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON May 7th, 2015

37 Oldest Inhabited Cities Of The World

The recorded human history dates back to 9000 BC. Archaeological remains of the oldest cities in the world depict the creativeness, sophistication and power of various civilizations over the history – through its magnificent historical sites, creative arts and the elegant buildings. Here today we take a look at the 37 oldest inhabited cities in the world that might even find their place on your “places to visit list” in 2015:


37. Xi’an, China

Xi’an, China

With more than 3115 years of rich history, human settlements started in Xi’an in 1100 BC. It is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China and hosted some really important dynasties including Han, Tang, Sui, Qin, and Zhou.

The Terracotta Army buried with the emperor Qin Shi Huang in 210-209 BC, with a purpose to protect the emperor in his afterlife, is the most popular aspect of this city. Other well-known historical places of the city include Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Drum Tower, Bell Tower and the City Wall of Xi’an (shown above).


36. Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain

Originally named as Phoenician, Gadir and founded in 1100 BC by Phoenicians Cadiz, the city has a long history of 3115 years and is considered to be the oldest city in Spain. It is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and is situated on the Bay of Cadiz.

Having occupied by Muslims, Visigoths, Romans, and Carthaginians over the history this city has its significant historical importance due to the reason that it was one of the important ports that were used during the discovery of America.


35. Chios, Greece

Chios, Greece

Much as Chios, Greece is known for its magical beauty however the other more important aspect of this city includes its 3115 years old history which dates back to 1100 BC.

The medieval villages of Chios include the village of Mesta, Anavatos, and Pyrgi, which have well-preserved distinctive architecture and unique houses with unique graffito that decorates their exteriors.

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34. Patras, Greece

Patras, Greece

Founded by unification of Mycenaean villages, the first traces of settlements in Patras Greece date back to 1100 BC (some 3115 years ago).

During the early days of Christianity this city has been a Christian epicenter and is distinguished as the place where St. Andrew was crucified. Patras is also the regional capital of Western Greece.


33. Varanasi, India

Varanasi, India

Having been inhabited for roughly 3015-3215 years, human settlements started in Varanasi, India around 1000 BC-1200 BC. Also known as Benares, this ancient city has religious importance for both Buddhists and Hindus as it is thought to be founded by Lord Shiva (the Hindu deity).

According to well-known historians, this city is older than tradition, older than history and even older than the legend.


32. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Having a history of 3215 years (debated) this second-oldest capital (Athens being the first) was once the home for famous explorers like Prince Henry, Magellan and Vasco da Gama.

This city is famous for its classical concerts which are held in its best known churches, Carmo, the Se and Sao Roque. Known to have its first human settlements during 1200 BC, Lisbon has more cultural offerings than any other city of Portugal.


31. Trikala, Greece

Trikala, Greece

Located at a distance of 330 km from Athens, Trikala is known for its charm and beauty. Human settlements started in Trikala 3215 years back.

Founded in 1200 BC it has been known for its historical sites including Platanos village, the grove of Prophet Elias, the Varousi District and the Municipal Gallery.


30. Chalcis, Greece

Chalcis, Greece

Having passed under Roman, Venetians and Ottomans rule, Chalcis has a rich history of around 3215 years. It’s one of the most significant historical places is St Paraskeve Church which used to be the Chief Church of Venetians.

Chalcis was also known as Euripus during the early days of Christian era. The earliest settlement of inhabitants started in Chalcis in 1200 BC.