30 Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON April 17th, 2015

30 Most Bizarre Ocean Creatures

Animals that live beneath deep waters are some real weird creatures (with most of them being really terrifying) thanks to some still unknown evolutionary reason. With such a sheer number weird creatures and monsters roaming the oceans, we today have compiled a list of the most weird ocean creatures that could help us in determining the most bizarre ocean creature on Earth:


30. Marine Hatchetfish

The Hatchetfish

It is named after its hatchet-like thin and silver appearance. It completely looks like an adaptation of some horror movie predator thanks to its eyes which are prominently fixed overhead.


29. Goblin Shark

 The Goblin Shark

Image Credit: oddorganisms.wordpress.com

With flattened and long snout, claw-like teeth and the protruding jaws this is the only specie of the 125-million years old shark family that exists even today.

Also known as “living fossils” they were discovered in the 19th century and they follow a mysterious life cycle of survival deep below the blue ocean.


28. Anglerfish

 The Angler Fish

It is known for its super creepy predation technique which involves an angler fish mimicking its prey and then devour it completely once it gets closer.

To add more to the weirdness, when a male angler finds a female angler it quickly fuses into it – which is a unique mating habit and makes it the most bizarre creature known to man.


27. Whitemargin Stargazer

Whitemargin Stargazer

Found in Indo-Pacific Ocean it is also known as pop-eyed fish. It is usually half buried with just its head above the sand and waits to ambush small fishes that swim by.

It is named after its eyes which are atop of its head positioned before its electric organ that discharges 50 volts of energy.


26. Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

Native to western Pacific Ocean, it resembles the famous animated character ‘Shrek’. It typically has unique jaws, thick and jutting lips along the overhanging chin and forehead.

This largest specie of wrasses survives on crustaceans and shellfish.


25. Obese Dragonfish

Obese Dragon fish

This largest specie of dragon fish has bioluminescence thanks to the photophores which mostly cover the area below its eyes and its 51 cm long body in form of rows.

Habituated to the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, they are the rarely seen specie which live in extreme deep waters (5000 meters approximately).


24. Blobfish

The Blobfish

The blobfish is often referred to as the ugliest creature on the planet. Having a jiggly appearance blobfish is more gelatinous than your mum’s pudding.

It does not have to invest any energy in order to prey, due to the lack of muscle tissue it just opens it’s mouth and allows gravity to do its trick.


23. Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Inhabited across the world and in all depths they have elongated cylindrical structures with anus on both sides. Due to it’s collagen levels, a sea cucumber is incredibly flexible, lacks any sensory organs and doesn’t have a true brain.

These ocean dwellers play an important role in their local ecosystem as they recycle detritus.


22. Fangtooth

Fang Tooth Fish

Apparently named after its gigantic fan like teeth which even make the fish unable to close its jaws ever in its life.

Despite of its dreadful looks, this 7 inches long creature is benign to human beings and one of the deepest living sea creatures in the world that lives in around 5000 meters deep water.


21. Flamingo Tongue Snail

Flamingo Tongue Snail

Native to the waters of Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans, Flamingo Tongue Snails usually have a strikingly vibrant pattern which surprisingly is not a part of its own shell but instead is caused by the living mantle tissues that cover most of its body. It feeds on different types of corals.