15 Creepy 9/11 Predictions That Are Shockingly Accurate

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON April 27th, 2016

Creepy 9/11 Predictions That Are Shockingly Accurate

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were one of the most tragic days United States of America had to endure. With thousands of lives lost, the incident truly deserves a moment of silence. However, not everyone can say that as they saw the attack coming thanks to several symbolism in television, movies and even predictions by individuals. The following are some of the creepy 9/11 predictions that are shockingly quite accurate and that might force you to wonder whether the entire tragedy was an inside job:


15. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix 1999

With awesome visual effects and an out-of-the-box concept, The Matrix truly was ahead of its time. Stress on the “ahead of the time” bit and you will find out something really interesting related to the September 11 attacks.

The passport of Thomas Anderson aka Neo has a really amazing expiry date. Out of all the days and out of all the particular dates to choose from, the passport states that its expiry date is September 11, 2001 – the date of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


14. Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Super Mario Bros 1993

Loosely based upon the 1985 Nintendo video game of the same name, the existence of the movie adaption of Super Mario Bros. may surprise you but the bigger surprise is the fact that the movie predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks seven years prior.

In the movie, the World Trade Center is burnt and end up in a similar fashion the real-life buildings did by the September 11 attacks one being destroyed half destroyed while the second one having a hole in it. Talk about mother of all coincidences.


13. Escape From New York (1981)

Escape From New York 1981

Image Source: conspiracyclub.co

Directed by John Carpenter, the 1981 dystopian action movie Escape From New York serves as one of the earliest predictions of the September 11 attacks in the form of a movie.

Set in a distant future, the movie shows America drenched in crime and the island of Manhattan turned into a maximum security prison. At the very beginning of the movie, Air Force One strikes down one of the Twin Towers as it bursts into flames. Inside job? You be the judge.


12. Terry and Linda Jamison

Terry and Linda Jamison

Professionally known as psychic twins, Terry and Linda Jamison have made astounding predictions but with slight inaccuracies. The identical twin sisters predicted Saddam Hussein would be killed in 2004 (he was executed in 2006), Pope John Paul II would die in 2004 (he died in 2005) and something really frightening about the World Trade Center.

During an interview on Art Bell radio show, the twins predicted that there would be a terrorist attack on “federal buildings” and the “World Trade Center in 2002.” With slight errors, the prediction came true as the twin towers were attacked a year earlier.


11. The Simpsons

9 11 predictions in cartoons The Simpsons

The first episode of The Simpsons’ ninth season had a few surprises of its own. Titled The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, one particular scene is often associated with the 9/11 predictions by conspiracy theorists.

Lisa holds a guidebook which has a $9 printed on it along with the twin towers at the back. The image clearly looks as if it is crying out to say “911”. Furthermore, the episode was taken off after the September 11 attacks but has recently returned into syndication.


10. Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga Prediction

Image Source: nostradamuspredictions.us

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing,”

cried Baba Vanga while warning about the September 11 attacks or likely attempting to gain attention.

The blind Bulgarian mystic has allegedly made several predictions throughout her life such as Europe being an Islamic caliphate in 2043, 44th President of the United States will be the last and the 1994 FIFA World Cup Final would be played between “two teams beginning with B.”


9. An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000)

An Extremely Goofy Movie 2000

Even Disney appears in the list as An Extremely Goofy Movie had a small but very suspicious scene. While Goofy and Max are studying, the friends of the latter throw a paper airplane at him to deliver a message.

The message reads:


No, that is not a typo as the word “appreciation” was not having an “n” but double I as if it was resembling the Twin Towers. The “911” further adds the suspicion as if Disney was part of the conspiracy as well.


8. Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Wilcos Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

This one is a long shot but interesting to figure. The cover of the fourth album by Chicago-based rock band Wilco had a simple yet striking cover of two buildings side by side.

Furthermore, the album hinted at the tragedy as it had the songs titled “War on War” and “Ashes of American Flag”. To top it all off, the album was being composed during 2001 and had a release date of just a week after the September 11 attacks.