15 Actors Who Portrayed The Opposite Gender

Actors Who Portrayed the Opposite Gender

As the saying goes, there is no business like show business. The movie industry is surely the most unique place to work at. Adult actors are hired to fulfill teenage roles, child actors steal the spotlight from grownups, and male actors are hired for female roles and vice-versa. As shocking as it may sound, the… Read More »

15 Most Famous Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

Most Famous Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

The life of a celebrity is not always glitz and glamour. Not at all immortal, famous people are no different when it comes to facing death like regular people. However, the situation of death can be cryptic. Death can strike suddenly at absolutely anyone, famous or not. Whether a murder was committed because of pure… Read More »

15 Actors Who Desperately Want Superhero Roles

15 Actors Who Desperately Want Superhero Roles

Superhero movies are a money-making machine in Hollywood and it is not a surprise that dozens of actors make their desire to land a heroic role public knowledge. Take a look at 15 actors who desperately want superhero roles:   15. Donald Glover (Spider-Man) Have you ever imagined a black Spider-Man? Comedian Donald Glover certainly… Read More »

15 Great Actresses Who Never Won An Oscar

Best Actresses Who Have Never Won an Academy Award

Apart from men, Hollywood is also the home to the most talented female performers who never cease to amaze their viewers and if there is one thing that separates an ordinary actress from a great one, it is the most coveted prize in show business: the Academy Award. While the different eras of Hollywood have… Read More »

15 Celebrities Who Are Avid Video Gamers

Celebrities Who Are Avid Video Gamers

Hectic shooting schedules and busy meeting fans are some of the daily activities actors and musicians face every now and then. Despite all of that, there are many celebrities who spare some time from their frenetic time to play video games just like regular people. Take a look at the 16 celebrities who are avid… Read More »