15 Interesting Bruce Lee Facts

15 Interesting Bruce Lee Facts

If martial arts legend Bruce Lee was in UFC, everyone on the roster would be lying in the hospital and that is not an exaggeration. Named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century and the founder of Jeet Kune Do, take a look at the 15 interesting… Read More »

15 Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt

Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt

Life in the spotlight is not always a lavish one. The keyword there is “always” as celebrities have often bit a lot more than they chew in terms of spending money and eventually hit rock bottom. Take a look at the 15 celebrities who went bankrupt:   15. Brendan Fraser Best known for The Mummy… Read More »

15 Best Musicians Turned Actors

Best Musicians Turned Actors

With great showmanship on stage, it is not surprising to see musicians having the ability to act. Managing to become both a musician and an actor takes an impressive set of skills. Though not every musician has succeeded as a great actor, let’s have a look at the following 15 best musicians turned actors:  … Read More »

15 Famous People Who Never Existed

15 Famous People Who Never Existed

Anyone can be famous and the same goes for people who never even existed. Whether they are part of ancient folklore or popular legends, history has been kind to many famous people who you might be surprised to know that they were never real. Let’s have a look at the 15 famous people who never… Read More »

15 Most Successful Band Members Who Went Solo

Most Successful Band Members Who Went Solo

For one reason or the other, bands eventually tend to break up and bring bad news for every member in terms of their music career. Often not too kind to the individuals who strived as team players, breakups sometimes act as a blessing in disguise and allow one of the members to rise to the… Read More »

17 Celebrities We Lost In 2016

15 Celebrities We Lost in 2016

One of the most painful things in the world is losing someone. While a death of a person affects one family, the death of a celebrity is mourned by the entire world. As an inspiration to their die-hard fans, take a look at the 17 celebrities we lost in 2016:   17. Prince (June 7, 1958… Read More »