15 Famous People Who Deserve A Biopic

Famous People Who Deserve a Biopic

There is no doubt that the best way to be immortalized is to have a biopic. At least that is what Hollywood believes as, over the years, there have been countless biographical movies focusing on historical and famous people throughout history. However, Hollywood has seemed to forget many iconic figures yet to have a movie… Read More »

15 Celebrities Who Play An Instrument

Celebrities Who Play an Instrument

Celebrities are few of the most talented people in the world but that does not mean they are limited to their fields. Among several one has a hidden talent, and it is amazing to see how many of them can play an instrument and are capable of having a second career in music. Take a… Read More »

15 Actors Who Walked Away From Fame

Actors Who Walked Away From Fame

While many dream of making it big in the world of show business, those who already lived the dream have often decided to call it quits and stay away from the spotlight. Whether it was dissatisfaction with the scripts or a desire to live a normal life, the following are the 15 actors who walked… Read More »

15 Famous Actors Known For Only One Role

Famous Actors Known For Only One Role

Despite achieving the status of a veteran by playing numerous characters, several actors remain in the dark yet many achieve worldwide fame by just one iconic role and become associated with it throughout their careers. Unable to escape the aura of their most well-known character, take a look at some of the 15 famous actors… Read More »

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Bullied As Children

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Bullied As Children

It is surprising, how many famous and successful celebrities were treated as misfits and were rejected by their peers during their school years. That is when you realize that confidence does not stem from external approval, but comes with accepting and appreciating yourself no matter what. Let’s have a look at the top 10 celebrities… Read More »

15 Famous Actors Who Started As Extras

Famous Actors Who Started as Extras

It may come as a huge surprise that many great actors had to work all the way up as their careers started as normal background characters. Realizing that there is no shortcut on the ladder to success, take a look at some of the most famous actors who started as extras:   15. Matt Damon… Read More »