15 Most Expensive Things Bought By Nicolas Cage

Most Expensive Things Bought by Nicolas Cage

Having a net worth of $150 million at one point, Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage sure knew how to spend his boatloads of money. Known for his eccentric spending habits along with his tumultuous movie career, here are the 15 most expensive things bought by Nicolas Cage:   15. Leaf Cay Island While buying a… Read More »

15 Best Wrestlers Turned Actors Of All Time

Best Wrestlers Turned Actors of All Time

It is a known fact that a large part of professional wrestling is staged and scripted, So it comes as a little surprise that many wrestlers try their hand at acting. Plenty of wrestlers have gone on to act in various movies and TV shows, some find success others not so much. Here we take… Read More »

15 Actors Who Lied To Get A Role

15 Actors Who Lied to Get a Role

Ever lied on your résumé? Hollywood is built on the backs of talented performers pretending to be someone they are not. However, reality can be stranger than fiction as the habit of lying to get a prominent role is quite common in the film industry as well. Here are the 15 actors who lied to… Read More »

15 Most Difficult Directors To Work With Ever

Most Difficult Directors to Work with Ever

If you ever had a terrible boss then dozens of Hollywood actors can feel the dilemma you have been through. Acting in a movie is not confined to just reading from a script. It is an emotional rollercoaster with an overdrive button waiting to be pushed if the filmmaker has the habit of pushing the… Read More »

15 Great Actors Never Nominated For Oscars

Great Actors Never Nominated for Oscars

An Academy Award stands for pure excellence within the movie industry. There have been occasions when actors have won it once or multiple times yet there are still a handful of brilliant performers who have yet to receive a nomination. Here is the list of 15 great actors never nominated for Oscars:   15. Hugh… Read More »