15 Best Movies About Cab Drivers

POSTED BY Ali Raza, UPDATED ON November 23rd, 2023
15 Best Movies About Cab Drivers

Cab driver films are exciting and engaging and sometimes keep you on the edge of your seat. But, they can also be light-hearted, comedic, or romantic. In today’s list, we’re going to explore the 15 best movies about cab drivers that feature it all. So, let’s begin.


15. She’s The One (1996)

She’s The One (1996)

She’s The One is a film synonymous with Jennifer Aniston. However, the film centers around the story of cab driver Mickey (Edward Burns), who’s heartbroken after breaking up with his fiancé. Soon, he finds a woman, and they spend a good weekend together.

But Mickey’s impulsive nature pushes him to marry his new flame. Meanwhile, his older brother, a rich married man, starts an affair with his now ex-fiancé. The film has all the comedy, drama, and romance you can wish for. But most of all, it centers around a cabbie.


14. Ghost Dad (1990)

Ghost Dad (1990)

Ghost Dad is one of the most unique films you’ll ever see. The critics and user ratings aren’t exactly promising, but the film is entertaining nonetheless. It all begins when a father of three, Hopper, hitches a ride with a maniacal cabbie.

This cab ride causes Hopper’s untimely demise. However, he’s now a ghost and must learn to care for his children from the unseen world and spend more time with them.


13. Learning To Drive (2014)

Learning To Drive (2014)

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Learning To Drive starts with a cabbie, Darwan, who is played by one of the most prolific actors of all time, Ben Kingsley. After witnessing a heated exchange between a couple about to divorce, Darwan drives the wife, Wendy, home.

Through twisted fate, she needs to learn how to drive, and Darwan ends up being the driving instructor for Wendy (Patricia Clarkson). The film has a light-hearted feel to it, with occasional feel-good moments. But most of all, it features the experiences and life of a cab driver.


12. The Fare (2018)

The Fare (2018)

The Fare is a mystery thriller that’ll leave you wondering things most of the time. Featuring a rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating, this great movie begins when a taxi driver is hitched by an unusually charming woman.

However, the trance makes the driver lose himself as he finds himself woken up a little later—only to find the woman gone. But it all begins as he’s back to the point where the woman first gets into his taxi. The loop repeats and keeps you wondering for the hour and 22 minutes of this film.


11. 3 A.M. (2001)

3 A.M. (2001)

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3 A.M. is a movie about three taxi drivers who’ve had the worst end of the stick in their lives as cabbies. However, things go awry as a serial killer goes on the loose, and things start to turn scary for cab drivers.

However, these three drivers continue to work out of their needs. The crime and mystery nature of the film keeps you invested throughout, as you wonder which one of the three cabbies is going to face the serial killer first.


10. Race To Witch Mountain (2009)

Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

Race To Witch Mountain is a great film, as it features Dwayne Johnson as Jack, the taxi driver in this movie. However, things go a bit differently this time, as this taxi driver finds himself hired by two human-looking alien children.

These alien children claim that they’re trying to save Earth from a dangerous alien from outer space called the Siphon. So, this cab adventure is surely going to keep you entertained for a little less than two hours.


9. Last Cab To Darwin (2015)

Last Cab To Darwin (2015)

Last Cab to Darwin is a film beloved by many. This adventure and comedy begin when Rex, a cab driver, finds out that he doesn’t have too long to live. But, he wants to go out on his terms as he begins to travel to the Australian outback.

But then he meets two passengers that’ll impact his last days on Earth, Julie and Tilly. The film is great for those who like mild-hearted and down-to-earth movies. And, the travel through pretty Australian landscapes is always a plus.


8. Escape From New York (1981)

Escape From New York (1981)

Escape From New York is one of the two “Escape from….” movies by John Carpenter. In this movie, New York has turned into a maximum-security prison.

This great dystopian movie about an equally harrowing escape depends on a cabbie. While it’s only a small part of the movie, it’s one of the most iconic escapes of the franchise and in film history generally. That’s why this film is on our list.


7. A Taxi Driver (2017)

A Taxi Driver (2017)

A Taxi Driver is a Korean film, and it’s too good to be left out, so it makes seven on our list. The story dates back to 1980 when a journalist hired a cab driver. The destination is across the city from Gwangju.

However, things don’t go as planned because as soon as they arrive, they find themselves amidst riots. Simply because the city is a battlefield between the protester students and the military. It’s a great watch as long as you don’t watch the dubbed version.


6. Chicago Cab (1997)

Chicago Cab (1997)

Chicago Cab is a comedy drama based around the life of a nameless cabbie. The film surrounds a typical day in the life of this cabbie, who takes up to 30 passengers on a cold December day. But, most of his passengers are rude or out of time.

But as the day progresses, the maniacal fares drive this cabbie to the brink. Amidst all that, he tries to help some of the women he picks up. But, telling you anything above that would ruin the fun of this movie, so give it a watch.


5. Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Conspiracy Theory (1997)

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Conspiracy Theory is a film about a New York cab driver Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson). While he’s a taxi driver on the surface, he’s also a conspiracy theorist who publishes various theories in newsletters.

However, it all goes south for him when one of his theories turns out to be true. So, the day doesn’t only become difficult for him, but his life goes into grave danger. This is yet another cabbie flick that’ll keep you entertained for two hours.


4. Night on Earth (1991)

Night on Earth (1991)

Night on Earth is a remarkable movie about cab drives around the globe. The main character is a Los Angeles taxi driver (Winona Ryder) who takes up a ride and happens to be a casting agent. On the other hand, we have a cabbie in the taxi.

And our last cab driver is in Italy. All five taxi drivers come across vastly different clients, yet somehow their stories are still very similar. By the time the credits roll, the movie surely leaves you wanting some more.


3. The Fifth Element (1997)

The Fifth Element 1997

The Fifth Element is one of the most iconic movies of the late 90s. It centers around Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), who is a cab driver. It all begins when Korben goes on a quest to secure the four mystical stones and an unknown fifth element.

The reason behind this quest is so that they can defeat an evil force. It’s not just another evil force, as this cabbie goes against the cosmic entity during an apocalyptic war. For many, the film may not need an introduction. For those who haven’t seen it, you should change that immediately.


2. Collateral (2004)

Collateral (2004)

Collateral would be the best cabbie movie of all time if it wasn’t for our first pick. This outstanding 2004 movie features Tom Cruise as a cold-blooded assassin, Vincent. He’s on a mission to eliminate five key witnesses within a single night.

But, Max (Jamie Fox), the cab driver, finds himself sandwiched between Vincent’s mission. The film has far too many great moments to count in one writing. So, it’s one of the movies you must see to understand how good it is.


1. Taxi Driver (1976)

Taxi driver 1976

Taxi Driver is a prime example of a great cab driver movie. There is nothing more synonymous with cab drivers than this film, as it tells a great story. It’s about a war veteran, an ex-marine called Travis (Robert De Niro).

His shock from war and his downward spiral from his traumatic experiences make him question his existence. Until the night he saves a young prostitute from certain death. From then, he goes on a vigilante mission to clean his city of crime.

The film is great in every sense of the word. It’s well-written and well-directed, and De Niro’s acting is icing on the cake. And, it’s watch-worthy for cab driver movie lovers.


Honorable Mentions

  • Scrooged (1988)
  • Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006)
  • A Cab for Three (2001)

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