15 Best Improvised Scenes From Marvel Cinematic Universe

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7. Hilarious Hawkeye (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

It can’t be denied that Hawkeye was one of the key characters in the second Avengers film. His dialogue delivery, focus on his family and everything else involving him was classic. His sarcastic one-liners made for feel-good moments when tensions rose high.

One such scene involved Quicksilver speeding right past him, leaving Hawkeye alone. At this point, the archer aimed an arrow in the direction where the speedster went and said,

“Nobody would know… ‘last I saw him, Ultron was sitting on him!’”

What makes this funny line even better


6. I don’t wanna go (Avengers: Infinity War)

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Infinity War was seeing our favorite characters turning into dust after Thanos snapped his fingers to erase half of the life in the Universe.

Peter Parker/Spider-man’s demise was the most emotional one. Upon sensing that something was wrong, he ran to Tony Stark and fell into his arms and slowly turned into ash while repeatedly saying that he wasn’t feeling good and that he didn’t want to go. Surprisingly, such a masterpiece of a scene was Tom Holland’s creation. He was just told to act as if he didn’t want to go and he nailed it brilliantly.


5. Star-Lord, Man (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Many people predicted the first Guardians of the Galaxy film to be the first MCU failure due to people not being familiar with the characters. However, looks like keeping low expectations made it easier for the film to not only exceed the audience’s expectations but also make its place in their hearts as one of the most enjoyable MCU films.

The film is packed with hilarious one-liners and mind-blowing visuals. One scene featured Star-Lord getting caught by Korath. He explained to him that he was Star-Lord, whom Korath had no idea about. This caused the legendary outlaw to sigh in disappointment and explain further about himself.

The disappointing feeling when someone doesn’t recognize your achievements (or mischief acts) is quite relatable and Chris Pratt portrayed it excellently and interestingly, the line, “Star-Lord, Man; Legendary Outlaw” was improvised on the fly.


4. Blueberries? (Avengers)

Blueberry Avengers Movie

During the filming of the first Avengers film, Robert Downey Jr. hid food items all over the set. Many people tried to locate it but to no avail. Downey would then pick any item up during the filming and eat it.

The Lab scene where Stark offers Rogers and Banner blueberry was completely unscripted and Mark Ruffalo’s acceptance of the offer was merely due to the fact that he was hungry while Chris Evans did what Steve Rogers would do in such a moment i.e. ignore the offer in the midst of a serious conversation.


3. Why is Gamora? (Avengers: Infinity War)

The first encounter between the Avengers and the Guardians went exactly as we all expected it to, BERZERK. There was a short fight scene which ended when both teams realized that they were fighting a common enemy.

The closing moments of the fight saw Star-Lord asking Iron-Man where was Gamora, to which Stark responded by asking who was Gamora. Dave Bautista, who portrays Drax, then contributed by asking,

“I will do you one better, why is Gamora?”

The line came off as incredibly funny and was completely made by Bautista. It was completely illogical but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


2. A Friend from Work (Thor: Ragnarok)

Ragnarok was a 180-degree turn from the previous Thor films, in terms of theme. It was such a monster hit that it singlehandedly revived the Thor franchise. A compelling plot, quirky dialogues and catchy visuals made for a highly entertaining flick. A number of scenes were improvised as well.

One of the scenes in question featured a joyful Thor after he spotted Hulk after a long time. Although they were set to battle each other, Thor let everyone know that Hulk was a “Friend from Work”. This line wasn’t a part of the script and suggested by a make-a-wish kid who was brought to the set. The suggestion was highly favored and the line ended up getting added in the scene.


1. The Shawarma Scene (Avengers)

 Have you ever thought what was the inspiration behind one of the best MCU post-credit scenes i.e. the Shawarma scene? Well, it was the man, Robert Downey Jr. himself.

After nearly sacrificing himself to save the world, Stark suggests that the team should try shawarma in one of the nearby blocks. The entire shawarma discussion was coined by Downey and this led to the creation of the epic post-credits Shawarma scene featuring all six Avengers.


Do you agree with our list of the best improvised scenes from Marvel Cinematic Universe? Have you any other suggestions in mind? Sound off in the comments and enlighten us!