15 Best Improvised Scenes From Marvel Cinematic Universe

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15 Best Improvised Scenes and Lines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Over the last 11 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has established itself to be a global phenomenon. With over 22 incredible films, the “Infinity Saga” has made a good home in our hearts. Several A-list performers have been a part of this phenomenal journey and have, without a doubt, given their best. Speaking about performers; a good actor not only does what he is told to do but also adds something impressive to their performance that wasn’t asked from him but he does it regardless as he believes that his contribution will sit well with the people watching the movie. This unscripted contribution is referred to as “improvisation” and MCU films are packed with improvised scenes and lines. We have handpicked 15 best improvised scenes from Marvel Cinematic Universe for you:


15. Try Me, Beyonce (Doctor Strange)

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those artists who can completely catch you off-guard with his witty one-liners. He portrays the Master of Mystical Arts, Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His first solo outing in 2016 featured the character traveling to Nepal to find a mystical cure for his severely injured hands.

His initial encounters with then-librarian, Wong were quite funny. When he reached out to Wong to get a book on astral projections, Wong denied handing Strange the book as he was inexperienced.

This caused Strange to say, “Try Me, Beyonce”. This was a shot at Wong for having just a single name. B.D. Wong (the actor who portrays Wong) later revealed that the line was completely made up by Cumberbatch himself. You can also notice his reaction in the scene.


14. We are Putting Together a Team (The Incredible Hulk)

The Incredible Hulk was the second film in the MCU franchise. Although the flick has its ups and downs, it is an integral part of the expanded Universe now.

One of the most talked-about scenes in the film doesn’t even involve the titular hero. Yes, we are talking about the post-credits scene where Tony Stark pays Thunderbolt Ross a visit and informs him about the Avengers Initiative, after exchanging a few jabs with him. According to William Hurt (who plays Ross in MCU), the scene was completely improvised.


13. Don’t Interrupt Odin! (Thor)

The first two Thor films don’t receive much appreciation but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t packed with powerful scenes. The first Thor film featured the titular character as a hot-head who did what he thought was right without fearing the consequences.

This led to Odin taking away Thor’s hammer and banishing him from Asgard. Thor’s stepbrother, Loki tried to intervene but was quickly put off with a fierce growl by Odin. The growl part of the scene came totally out of the blue and shocked everyone involved in the scene, as it is evident from Loki’s reaction.


12. Noticed you’ve Copied my Beard (Avengers: Infinity War)

Infinity War was one of the most ambitious and highly anticipated crossovers in Cinema history. From breathtaking scenes to an intriguing plot and interactions we thought we would never see on the big screen, the film had it all.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience caused many actors/actresses to throw in a few unscripted lines here and there. One such instance of this claim was when Thor arrived in Wakanda and had a brief interaction with Captain America (who was sporting a beard due to him being on the run). Thor took a funny shot at Captain America for copying his beard and it was revealed that the scene was purely an idea of Chris Hemsworth.


11.  I am Iron Man (Iron Man)

There’s a saying that nothing beats the original and it’s completely true when it comes to Iron Man, the film which kicked off the MCU. There are reports across the web about the film containing a lot of improvised scenes due to a complete script not being ready before the filming initiated.

In an ocean of improvised scenes, one which clearly stands out is the final scene before the credits where Tony Stark, in a press conference, announces that he is Iron Man. The scene was not included in the script. Robert Downey Jr. threw the line by himself and it was liked so much that it made the final product.


10. A Worthy Rack? (Thor: The Dark World)

Thor: The Dark World might not be considered as a great film, but it has its moment and is crucial to the MCU continuity. It features the reality stone, which is one of the six infinity stones. In addition to that, Chris Hemsworth’s screen presence and comic-timing make the film quite watchable!

One of the scenes in the film involved Thor resting his hammer, Mjolnir on a coat rack after returning from another realm. This scene surely raised a lot of questions but it was so sudden and unexpected that the audience let it pass after a strong laugh. To top it all, the scene was improvised by Hemsworth himself!


9. The Super Soldier (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Ironically, the final film before the mega-crossover event, “Avengers” introduced the first avenger, Captain America. It showed the journey of a scrawny kid, Steve Rogers who wanted to join the army. He was selected for the super-soldier program.

After the program completely transformed his physique, Peggy Carter’s reaction was priceless. She was literally in awe of Roger’s physique. The scene seemed too genuine to be scripted. Hayley Atwell revealed later that it was her genuine reaction on seeing Chris Evans shirtless for the first time. She added that she did her best to hide her reaction but thankfully, to no avail or else we would have been deprived of such a sweet moment.


8. The Adults are Talking (Avengers: Infinity War)

Infinity War makes yet another appearance on this list! Quite frankly, a whole list should be dedicated just to the improvised scenes of Infinity War. The talent associated with the flick had too much to offer aside from simply reading the script.

One such scene was when Tony Stark and Doctor Strange were arguing after disposing of Ebony Maw. Peter Parker tried to chime in too but was quickly asked by Stark to stay out of it as he was still young and the conversation was going on between adults. It was something Tony Stark would say but surprisingly, it wasn’t a part of the script and Downey himself felt the need to add it in the scene, which convinces us how dearly he embodied the character of Stark.