15 Worst Movies of 2018

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7. Robin Hood

Robin Hood

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With all honesty, the abundant live-action movies on Robin Hood deserve a nail to the coffin. Hardly any of them have received a favorable response by critics and all of them frail in comparison to the iconic Disney animated movie.

The movie was a disservice to the legend of Robin Hood and despite its mega-budget of $100 million, it was a shallow spectacle and a lesson for Hollywood that the moviegoers are fed up with recurring tales.


6. Gotti


Image Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Just when it seemed that two-time Academy Award nominee John Travolta would finally make a triumphant comeback with Gotti, he miserably failed to resonate with the fans and critics alike.

Based on the life of John Gotti, the notorious crime boss virtually ruled New York City with an iron fist and seemed like a perfect subject for an outstanding crime movie. Sadly, his translation into the silver screen was a travesty.


5. The Happytime Murders

The Happytime Murders

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Buddy cop movies are guaranteed to make the viewers laugh yet The Happytime Murders flawlessly manages to do the exact opposite. The painfully unfunny movie starring Mellissa McCarthy alongside a detective puppet does nothing to uplift the mood of the viewers.

Heavily relying on black comedy clichés and unamusing puppet characters, The Happytime Murders is a downright wretched movie that is solidified by its horrendous underperformance at the box office.


4. Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed

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As one of the movies that were bound to enter the list, Fifty Shades Freed seems like a pale imitation of its predecessors. Despite being the final installment of the trilogy, the movie failed to learn from past mistakes and showed no signs of any improvement.

The weak plot and repetitive erotic content hardly manage to keep the movie afloat and though it performed extraordinarily well at the box office, Fifty Shades Freed thankfully serves as the final nail to the coffin of an outrageous franchise.


3. Holmes Watson

Holmes Watson 2018

Expectations were high when it was announced that comedy duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly would be teaming up once again for Holmes & Watson. However, the final result was the furthest thing from a hilarious movie.

The ill-fated movie has secured a solid place in history for being one of the worst comedy movies ever made. The poor script and outdated jokes made the audiences walk out of theatres and the critics tore the movie to shreds. Additionally, the test screenings for Holmes & Watson were so terrible that Netflix turned down their offer to buy it.


2. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

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Utilizing the popular game of ‘truth or dare’ as an essential element in a horror movie does not translate into a critical success. If anything, Truth or Dare basically capitalizes on the fame of Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars and Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf as the script begs to be improved.

The senseless movie revolves around a group of college friends who compete in a friendly game of truth or dare while on a trip to Mexico. If the participants do not follow through the game, they meet their untimely demise. The unoriginal plot is as foolish as it sounds and earns the movie a rightful place on the list.


1. I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty

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Accused of body shaming and ripping off 1945 movie The Enchanted Cottage, I Feel Pretty generated a firestorm of controversy right after the release of its trailer. Though the movie promises to convince the audience to accept their physical outlooks, I Feel Pretty completely misses the mark.

Though the performance of standup comedian Amy Schumer was critically praised, she seems out-of-place as the leading star of an otherwise horrible movie. As the unconvincing storyline and dull jokes are too palpable to ignore, I Feel Pretty could not be saved from its impending doom.

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