15 Prominent Movie Mysteries And Their Solutions

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15 Prominent Movie Mysteries And Their Solutions

Some movies fail to gather every piece of the puzzle and even though many of them end with a happy ending, they leave something for the viewers to scratch their heads on. Over the years, fans have pondered over several movie mysteries yet to be solved and if you are one of them, you are in luck! Forget hiring a detective and check out these 15 prominent movie mysteries and their solutions:


15. What was on Neo’s Secret Disc?

What was on Neo’s Secret Disc

There must be something really special on Thomas Anderson’s disc. A dude not only takes the disc from him in person but also pays $2000 for it and calls him his savior and personal Jesus Christ.

Afterwards, Neo leaves for a party and the disc is never brought up again. An early script draft for The Matrix reveals that the disc was a mere software to help the dude clear his parking tickets.


14. Who Shot “Nice Guy” Eddie in Reservoir Dogs?

Who Shot “Nice Guy” Eddie in Reservoir Dogs

The climactic scene of Reservoir Dogs showed Mr. White, Joe and Eddie in a Mexican Standoff.

Mr. White was supposed to shoot Joe and then Eddie before getting squibbed but what happened was the squib on Mr. White went right off after shooting Joe so he went down before Eddie’s squib going off.

So in reality, nobody shot Eddie. Director Quentin Tarantino said, “You know what? It’ll be the biggest controversy of the film. We’re leaving it.”


13. How Many Days Phil Spend in Punxsutawney?

How Many Days Phil Spend in Punxsutawney

Starring Bill Murray, Groundhog Day features a unique tale of TV meteorologist Phil Connors stuck in a time loop and is forced to relive February 2nd every time he wakes up. Though he finally breaks the curse once he scores with news producer Rita Hanson, the amount of days he spends in Punxsutawney is never mentioned.

Even director Harold Ramis is unsure of the exact amount as his answer has occasionally varied. In the DVD commentary, Ramis believes that 10 years pass but in an e-mail response to Heeb magazine, he stated that:

“It had to be more like 30 or 40 years.”

According to actor Stephen Tobolowski, he was told by Ramis that Phil was stuck for 10,000 years in the loop.


12. Who Opened the Pantry Door in The Shining?

Who Opened the Pantry Door in The Shining

The mystery has two possible answers depending upon the audience’s perspective. If the viewer believes that the Overlook Hotel is haunted, then ghost Delbert Grady opened the pantry. If otherwise, Jack Torrance opened it since Wendy Torrance failed to close it securely.

Director Stanley Kubrick clarified and revealed that the “paranormal is genuine” and Jack’s mental stated “temporarily mislead the audience”. Therefore, one of the ghosts opened the pantry and Grady is the most likely option.


11. Was Alfred Pennyworth Imagining Bruce Wayne?

Was Alfred Pennyworth Imagining Bruce Wayne

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Alfred Pennyworth goes to Florence and sees the supposedly dead Bruce Wayne finally settled but many viewers have dispelled it as mere imagination of the faithful butler.

In the words of the actors behind the two characters, Michael Caine has stated that it “was no imagination” while Christian Bale has stated:

“I find it very interesting and with most films, I tend to say, ‘It’s what the audience think it is.’ My personal opinion? No, it was not a dream. That was for real and he was just delighted that finally he had freed himself from the privilege, but ultimately the burden, of being Bruce Wayne.”


10. Why The Man With No Name is a Lone Wolf?

The Man With No Name

Perhaps the bigger question is what is the real name of The Man With No Name? Since that has never been solved, let’s stick to the second most asked question about the iconic character.

During its appearances in the Dollars Trilogy, the character has always been a loner and hardly pairs with partners. As explained in the novel The Devil’s Dollar Sign, when he started his career as a bounty hunter, he had a partner named “Foot Sick” Feebly who had foot fetish.

After accidentally stumbling upon him indulging in his fantasy, The Man With No Name made a vow to never have a partner again.


9. Why is the Man Dressed as a Dog?

Why is the Man Dressed as a Dog

During Wendy Torrance’s freaking outbreak in the Shining, she sees a man dressed as a dog on his knees in front of an elderly person. The entire scenes seems irrelevant since it is never fully explained nor addressed.

From the Stephen King’s novel of the same name, it is revealed that the man dressed as a dog is a sex slave in a homosexual sadomasochistic relationship with the elderly man. He is forced to behave like that for the amusement of his “master”.


8. What Happens at the End of Birdman?

 What Happens at the End of Birdman

Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman ended with Riggan Thomson in a hospital. When his daughter Sam visits him, she finds the room empty and looks below the window outside and steadily looks up with a smile.

This implies that Riggan actually had superpowers or Sam – being a drug addict – saw a figment of her imagination. However, writer Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. says that Alejandro was “trying to express that sense of confusion about what he is in his own life” while writer Nicolás Giacobone states, “I’m still trying to figure it out.”