6 Cartoon Characters That Have Caused Controversy

Cartoon Characters That Have Caused Controversy

Cartoon characters, don’t you just love ‘em? Cute, cuddly, sweet, straightforward, simple, and harmless. Well, not exactly. Alongside books, films, music, and art, there has also been a fair share of controversial cartoon characters who have struck a certain discord with the public, who have been whipped up into alternating states of disgust, shock, and… Read More »

10 Most Awkward TV Interviews Of All Time

Most Awkward TV Interviews of All Time

Live television is a double-edged sword. It’s a great way for movie stars to promote their films, for politicians to make their key points at election time, and for sportsmen to review games. When they go wrong, however, they can be the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy train wreck. Here are our 10 of the most awkward… Read More »

Top 5 Weird Television Shows For Kids

Top 5 Weird Television Shows For Kids

Like most members of our generation, we spent each afternoon after school dutifully watching TV. Sure, there were after-school clubs and sleepovers, but for the most part CITV, and CBBC – chunks of weird television shows for kids featuring everything from talking aardvarks to evil mastermind mice – kept us company, and while we pretended… Read More »

Television: The Greatest Discovery Of Our Time

Television: The Greatest Discovery of our Time

In this age of technology, most homes will have at least one television that sits in the room and is often taken for granted. But in reality, today’s televisions are a testament to many years of development and feats of engineering that started way back in the 1800s.   Black and White Era Initially, television… Read More »

Top 10 Most Watched Shows Of Season 2011-2012

Top 10 Most Watched Shows of Season 2011-2012

TV has become part and partial of everyone’s life today. After office hours, end, and one reaches home the first thing one has to do is to look for the remote to switch on to their favorite shows. The high-definition service from various satellite TV and cable TV has escalated the figure of subscribers. Thus,… Read More »

5 Biggest Stars To Come Out Of American Idol

Biggest Stars to Come Out of American Idol

It’s been through several format changes, different hosts, and shuffling timeslots. But American Idol is still the biggest singing competition on television. When a young person puts their video on YouTube, there’s a good chance they’re thinking about winning American Idol. It still inspires dreams and serves as a goal for burgeoning talent around the… Read More »