15 Best Teen TV Shows Of All Time

Best Teen TV Shows of All Time

There is just something about teen shows that make you feel alive. They are heartbreaking and comforting at the same time. Experiencing life as a teenager is not easy and that is what makes such shows worth watching. You do not need to be a teenager to revel in the drama, mistakes, heartache, and moodiness…. Read More »

15 Most Anticipated New & Returning TV Shows In 2022

15 Most Anticipated New & Returning TV Shows in 2022

This year will be one of the most remarkable TV releases. As a fan of fantasy, drama, comic books, or action, it has everything you can ask for. From the return to middle earth to a variety of superheroes making their small screen debuts, we are in for a treat in 2022. Take She-Hulk, for example,… Read More »

5 TV Shows That Totally Collapsed In Their Final Season

TV Shows That Totally Collapsed in Their Final Season

Cathartic, emotional, or unsatisfactory, endings tend to evoke strong feelings every time. This especially happens when a certain TV show is loved by a vast majority. There are lots of TV shows that had fans hooked for years but unfortunately, they did not quite end up as fans wanted them to. Shows like Game of… Read More »

4 Craziest Game Shows Ever Conceived

Craziest Game Shows Ever Conceived

When we think of “game shows” we usually tend to think of things like Catchphrase, Bullseye, and Supermarket Sweep. But in today’s internet-savvy era a single online session can enlighten you on the vast treasure trove of human absurdity that the world of international game shows is all about (via, of course, the mighty YouTube)…. Read More »

The Most Complained About British Adverts Of All Time

The Most Complained About British Adverts of All Time

In May 2012, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) released data that showed what the most complained about TV adverts ever in the UK were. So, should be a saucy little list then eh? Well no actually. In true, understated British style more people complained about something utterly, utterly irrelevant than adverts that touched upon… Read More »

10 Most Awkward TV Interviews Of All Time

Most Awkward TV Interviews of All Time

Live television is a double-edged sword. It’s a great way for movie stars to promote their films, for politicians to make their key points at election time, and for sportsmen to review games. When they go wrong, however, they can be the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy train wreck. Here are our 10 of the most awkward… Read More »