Biggest TV Fails: Game Shows

Biggest Failed TV Game Shows

Game shows have been television favorites for over half a century. Ranging from fun, and family entertainment to edge-of-the-seat suspense-filled drama, they continue to fascinate people around the world. Their enduring appeal is due to a combination of factors: audiences enjoy pitting their wits against the contestants, watching people perform under pressure, and taking heroic… Read More »

7 Best TV Roommates Of All Time

Best TV Roommates of All Time

No one ever said that living with roommates was easy. Maybe that’s why there are so many popular television shows based on what life with roommates is really like. Do we watch because we are entertained by their antics or because we can see ourselves in their situation? Whatever the case may be, here are… Read More »

What The Walking Dead Taught Us About Zombies

What The Walking Dead Taught Us About Zombies

Zombies are the new entertainment craze. People are obsessed with zombies, and some have even gone as far as preparing for a zombie apocalypse. While there are zombie believers and zombie naysayers, shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead have taught us a thing or two about zombies and what to do if we ever find… Read More »

Things You Should Learn From The Gossip Girl Show

Gosip Girl Show

OK, I have a guilty pleasure. This guilty pleasure comes on every week for an hour. For this hour, I plan my whole day around it. I don’t take any calls, I finish all of my homework before this guilty pleasure, and I don’t let anyone bother me when I am watching it. It’s the… Read More »

5 TV Shows That Got Axed After The First Episode

TV Shows That Got Axed After the First Episode

Whilst it’s all too common for a network to milk a successful show to death, commissioning a new series long after it should’ve been put to bed when a show looks like a complete failure, those at the top often have no hesitation about pulling the plug. Here are five prime examples of TV shows… Read More »