How To Create An Awesome Infographic

How to Create an Awesome Infographic

Infographics are an amazing way to explain and display information along with images. Infographics which basically means information graphics are a graphical way to represent data in an easy-to-read way. Through infographics, one can present complex information, data, and knowledge to a range of audiences. Some other terms which refer to infographics are data visualization,… Read More »

How To Disable Location Tracking And User Data Collection In Google Maps

How to Disable Location Tracking and User Data Collection in Google Maps

The new Google Maps app offers a smooth, fast, and most importantly accurate user experience using Google’s real-time data and mapping information. Google has powered this mapping application with lots of features such as a built-in local search to find different places, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, transit route directions, live traffic information, 3D images, panoramic images,… Read More »

How To Change The Default Search Engine On Your IPhone

How to Change the Default Search Engine on your iPhone

The three main Internet search engines that are available today are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each service has its own strengths and benefits and each one delivers slightly different search results when compared to the others. By default, your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad will always search using Google whenever you type a search term… Read More »

How To Get IPhone Out Of Recovery Mode

How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

Coming on to the technical discussions once again, we take into consideration one of the most trend-setting devices in today’s era. Indeed we are talking of the Apple iPhone (iPhone 4 to be precise in this case); the device in a way skyrocketed the whole smartphone industry as well as the software developers to come… Read More »

Best Ways To Build A Website For Beginners

Best Ways to Build a Website For Beginners

The worldwide web is the place to be these days if you want to get noticed and whatever line of business you’re in, it is essential that you have some kind of presence on the Internet. Your own website should be the minimum you aim for and you can then build your social networks, directory… Read More »