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Interesting Facts About Indian Railways

Interesting Facts About Indian Railways

Indian Railways, the ‘Lifeline of the Nation’, has been around for the past 150 years. The very first Indian locomotive ran over a stretch of 21 miles from Bombay to Thane on the 16th of April 1853. Indian Railways is a state-owned enterprise headed by the Ministry of Railways and employs a staggering 1.4 million… Read More »

5 Movie Gadgets You Would Love To Have

Movie Gadgets You Would Love to Have

We go to the movies to suspend our disbelief and immerse ourselves in worlds beyond our wildest imaginations. There is no doubt that the characters in these movies, especially futuristic ones, have the coolest gadgets. Sometimes a gadget comes along that one simply must have, it is too cool and amazing and you can’t imagine… Read More »

How To Check Your IPhone’s Manufacture Date

How To Check Your iPhone's Manufacture Date

If you have an iPhone and you are just too curious to find out the manufacture date of your device, then you have landed at the right place. Checking the manufacturing date of your device is not a big deal. To check the iPhone manufacturing date you just need to know the serial number of… Read More »

How To Fix ITunes Error 3194

How To Fix iTunes Error 3194

So, you were downgrading your Apple device or putting in some custom firmware and things were going so smoothly, then suddenly this weird error 3194 appears on your iTunes and you are lost. iTunes error 3194 is quite a common error that iOS users have to face. This error usually occurs when you try to… Read More »

10 Longest Bridges In The World

Longest Bridges In The World

Bridges are engineering wonders. These bridges are wonderful and amazing structures that are made to connect places that otherwise might have been left isolated. Each and every one of these long bridges is incredible in its own way. We have compiled a list of the longest bridges in the world with pictures and descriptions. Those… Read More »

10 Most Amazing Natural Phenomena

Most Amazing Natural Phenomena

Mother Nature always amazes mankind with its unpredictability. Sometimes one of the most fascinating things in the world around us is a natural phenomenon. A natural phenomenon is a non-artificial event in the physical sense, which is not produced by humans, though it may affect humans sometimes. We have compiled a list of the 10… Read More »